Photographs spanning decades showing Market Street, the west side of the Gallatin, MO, business square:

These businesses once operated on the west side of the Gallatin square facing Market Street. Signs legible in this photo, from left — Quisenberry, Millinery, Pianos and Organs, Farmers Store. The 3-story building across Jackson Street at far right is the Odd Fellows Building. (date unknown)

This undated postcard photo shows the west side of the Gallatin business square before a fire destroyed many buildings. Those marked with an “X” burned and were destroyed by fire.

Market Street, shown looking north into the west side of the Gallatin square, was once a muddy pathway. Note the light bulbs used for street lighting from wooden poles. On the corner was the I.O.O.F. Building housing Andrews Store, then a barber shop offering 10-cent haircuts, a millinary, a restaurant and other businesses including the telephone company at the far end. Across Jackson Street was the 3-story Oddfellows Lodge building.

Daily travelers on the west side of the Gallatin business square often included farm tractors and other equipment of all types and sizes. Moore Motor Company was a Ford dealership for farmers, doing business on the west side of the square. Also shown is Foster Shoe Service which later relocated to a building on South Olive Street. (circa 1965)