Aerial views of Gallatin, MO, over several decades:

1914 — This is Gallatin, MO, from the city water tower looking over the south side of the square towards the north.

Circa 1950 — This view of Gallatin, MO, roughly looks from the northwest at lower left corner towards the southeast to upper right.

This aerial photo of Gallatin, MO, is not dated but shows many features of the business square evident during the 1950s: center street parking, the sidewalk porch over North Main at the printing office (prior to a 1960s facelift), a full line of business fronts on the north side, an active service station at the SW corner of the square, an active McDonald Tea Room with another service station across the intersection, and more.

This view of Gallatin, MO, follows Main Street (Highway 13) from the south, past the courthouse, to the north. (date unknown)

Aerial view of southeast Gallatin (date unknown), with Presbyterian Church prominent in lower left.

This aerial view of Gallatin, MO, is from the northeast to the southwest (date unknown).

This aerial view of Gallatin, MO, is from southwest to northeast. Although the date is unknown, McDonald Tea Room is shown on West Grand Street and the north side of the business square, fully in business here, later suffers devastating fire.

This penny postcard view, looking southward away from the square, shows Gallatin south of the old Baptist Church at South Market and West Johnson streets. The roadway at left leading south out of town is Highway 13, Gallatin’s South Main Street. (date unknown)

This aerial view of Gallatin, MO, is from the southeast to the northwest (date unknown)

1961 — This aerial view of Gallatin, Missouri, is looking north following Highway 13 (Main Street) to the business square in 1961.

1961 — This aerial view shows Gallatin, Missouri, from west to east in 1961.

Circa 1980 — This aerial view of the courthouse square in Gallatin, MO, looks from west towards east. (circa 1980)

Circa 1980 — Aerial view looking westward on West Grand Street from Gallatin’s 4-way stop. (circa 1980)