Signs of improving wireless digital services are as evident as several 100-foot poles erected at locations in Daviess County by Windstream Communications. The Fixed Wireless sites are part of Windstream’s Kinetic Broadband expansion which unfolded in 2019. The expansion also helps meet Windstream’s Connect America Fund (CAF) requirements.

Depending on the terrain and the distance from the Fixed Wireless Site, customers should receive 25 to 100 megabits of kinetic broadband speed at qualifying locations, according to Terry Lockhart, Network Operations Manager for Windstream.

The installations should be operational by the end of the first quarter, March 31. Windstream’s Missouri Fixed Wireless Deployment started in November 2018.

Nine poles will be constructed. The new installations are distinctive with conduits from brackets atop the pole running down to connect to a ground-mounted cabinet facility.

You may have noticed these structures erected last fall at 22268 State Highway HH near Lick Skillet; 16012 State Highway UU near Jameson; or at 22646 Highway 69 near Pattonsburg; as well as the one (pictured) that has gone up on Highway 6, west of Winston.

The other five poles will be located as follows: one at the junction of Highway VV and DD and I-35 near Civil Bend; one in McFall; one at Midway and Highway 13 toward Jameson; one at Kodiak and Highway DD, north Lake Viking; and one on Highway 69 and I-35 by the back entrance of Lake Viking.

Signs of modern communications were erected in Daviess County, MO, as digital wireless services expanded in 2019.