A foundation set up by the Davis-Aulgur Family 45 years ago will go out in a blaze of glory by giving away $30,000 to three Daviess County institutions. This marks the end of an era of generosity from one of the oldest families associated with Daviess County, MO.

The Davis-Aulgur Family Foundation board of directors announced the Foundation’s final gifts in May, 2019. The Active Aging Resource Center will receive $10,000 for capital improvements; Gallatin Theater League will receive $10,000 in support of the Missoula Children’s Theater production of  “Aladdin” and future productions; and the Gallatin Methodist Church will receive $10,000 toward its building fund.

The process of the Foundation was to receive requests from charitable organizations from Daviess County, says Ann (Aulgur) Everly. “The board would review those requests and decide where the monies would go that year. We liked to touch as many people from Daviess County as possible.”

Over the years, the Davis-Aulgur Family Foundation has bestowed over $100,000 to recipients in Daviess County. The Foundation was incorporated in 1974.

The Foundation was an idea of Ann’s grandparents, Harfield and Mary Frances Davis. Once the idea was formed, Harfield and Mary Frances, as well as Ann’s parents, Robert and Susan Ann Davis Aulgur, moved forward to make the Foundation a reality.

The purpose of the Foundation was to give back to Daviess County and those who supported the D.H. Davis Drug Company since 1855.

“The Davises and Aulgurs recognized the caring and support that the people of Daviess County have given our family throughout their many years of business and wanted to give back to these communities,” Ann says.

The people who began serving the board in 1974 were Robert Aulgur, Susan Ann Davis Aulgur, Mary Frances Davis, Robert Paul and Randall Axon. Others who served later were Joe Snyder, Ann Aulgur Everly, Marilyn Hemry, Dan Lockridge, Mark Everly and Linda Houghton.

The Foundation was governed by bylaws established by attorneys in order to meet requirements set up by the State of Missouri. The bylaws stated that organizations seeking a monetary gift from the Foundation must be non-profit and tax exempt, and located in Daviess County.

Harfield Davis of Gallatin, MO

“The Davis-Aulgur Family Foundation has been a committed supporter of our nutrition programs for many, many years,” says Deanna Lewis, administrator of the Active Aging Resource Center in Gallatin. “Past donations have helped us provide Meals on Wheels to homebound older adults, purchase coolers used to deliver Meals on Wheels, replace our kitchen flooring, and purchase a refrigerator and a dishwasher.”

The Board of Directors for the Active Aging Resource Center discussed projects and has approved replacing the door to the building’s handicapped entrance in the alley and changing the sign on the front of the building. Other projects being discussed are replacing a stainless steel double-door refrigerator and replacing the heating and cooling system. Administrator Lewis noted that she had only been administrator for about six months when the Gallatin Lions Club donated $2,865 to install the furnace currently used at the center. After 20 years and several repairs, it’s time to do some upgrades to not only the furnace but the center’s entire heating and cooling system — made possible by the Davis-Aulgur gift.

“Our senior center and nutrition programs would not exist without Daviess County community support,” says Administrator Lewis. “We have been fortunate over the years, but this gift is one of the largest we have received from one entity. We are truly thankful to the Davis-Aulgur Family Foundation Board of Directors.”

“I’ve known the Aulgur and Davis families my whole life,” says Amy McMahon, president of the Gallatin Theater League. “Susan Ann and her mother, Mary Frances, were two of the sweetest people I have ever known. When those ladies passed away, the family went about making sure their years of selfless service were honored and remembered. Many lives and organizations have been affected by the donations from the Davis-Aulgur foundation. The donation to the Gallatin Theater League will make it possible to continue the children’s theater here into the future. I know the 43 kids in this year’s production will join me in saying “THANK YOU!”

“The Gallatin United Methodist Church is once again very fortunate to receive a gift from the Davis-Aulgur Family Foundation,” said Pastor Brad Dush. “The gift will be a blessing as we begin some remodeling projects within the church to create opportunities for young families and their children.”

During the first two years of the Foundation, 1974 and 1975, there were no gifts given because time was needed to build up the interest on the principal. After those two years, the first gift was given in 1976. The final board consisted of Robert Aulgur, Ann Aulgur Everly, Mark Everly, Dan Lockridge and Linda Houghton.

Robert M. Aulgur celebrated his 90th birthday with family outing to Kansas City. Besides a career as a pharmacist in the oldest family-operated business in Daviess County, MO, Mr. Aulgur was instrumental in local philanthropic efforts through the Davis-Aulgur Foundation from 1974 to 2019.


“A special gift that we gave for many years was to the ‘Buzz the Bee’ program through the Daviess County Health Department,” says Ann. “We knew this touched the lives of many young children in the county because Buzz the Bee visited all county schools.”

The final gifts have been given and the fund has been closed. Harfield Davis was never a part of the management of the Foundation. He turned that job over to his family and members of the community. He was always quiet, understated and wanted to stay in the background, but his community always remained important to him. He always recognized how important it was to give back.

“The original vision of Harfield Davis for the Foundation has been met,” says Ann. “It has touched many lives. I know no one would have been happier to know how the people in Daviess County were helped.”

Foundation Gifts through the years benefited multiple organizations. The United Methodist Church has received gifts totaling over $20,000. Other beneficiaries were the Gallatin Theatre League, $16,755; Active Aging Resource Center of Gallatin, $14,500; and Daviess County Health Department, $13,499.20. The Gallatin R-5 School District also received over $10,000 in donations.

Other organizations that have benefited through the Foundation include following: Daviess County, First Baptist Church of Gallatin, First Christian Church of Gallatin, Gallatin Youth Football Inc., Daviess County Historical Society, Daviess County Nursing Home, City of Gallatin, Daviess County Extension to University of Missouri-Columbia, Winston R-6 School District, Multi-Purpose Center sponsored by City of Pattonsburg, Tri-County R-7 School, Harrison County R-4 School District Gilman City, Daviess County Fine Arts Council, Gallatin Park Board, Daviess County Library, and Green Hills Head Start.