It is incorrect to think flooding is only an occasional concern in Daviess County, MO, or limited to those unusually damaging incidents such as the great floods of 1909 or 1993 on the Grand River. Nearly every year flooding occurs somewhere to some degree, affecting those in the immediate area where flood damage occurs.

For instance, on June 29-30, 2017, a deluge of run-off storm water caused floods damaging crops, roads and bridges.

Flooding which occurred in 2017 in streams throughout Daviess County, MO, may not rival the great floods of 1909 or 1993 on the Grand River but flood damage is a continual concern …and expense.

Daviess County Commissioners reported that the worst damage to the county roads occurred at a bridge on July Road, located about two miles west of Jamesport, MO. One end of the bridge washed away. The road comes to a dead-end beyond the bridge.

A township-owned road in Jackson Township (southeast Daviess County) called Saber Road was completely washed away. Saber is a gravel road that starts on the south end of the Magill Bridge and winds through the bottoms between the New Grand and the Old Grand, coming out on Unity Avenue, a couple of miles west of Lock Springs.

Township representatives had met with James Lewis of Daviess County Road and Bridge to discuss repairs which may be determined by theĀ  township’s budget. Repairs materials including rip rap, gravel and clay plus the labor involved.

Flooding which occurred in 2017. Larry Belshe is pictured at the hole in the road on Saber Road. He farms the Tuggle property between the Old and New Grand River bottoms.