Here’s a brief comparison and contrast:

AMISH — The Amish separated from the Mennonite fellowship in 1693 in Europe. They felt the Mennonites of that time were failing to practice things they believed were needful. Their leading minister was Jacob Ammann from whom they derived their name. Amish believe in a strict plain form of dress and other things regulated by the group and especially by their bishops. Amish believe their people should continue without change from modern things such as electricity, telephones, automobiles and tractors. Though without electricity, many homes have running water and bathrooms (unheard of in years past). Amish use horses for farming and transportation. Their lifestyle is to remain as in days of old. The largest Amish community in Missouri is found at Jamesport.

MENNONITES — While there are a number of different groups of people and churches called Mennonites in the world, this particular statement deals specifically with The Church of God in Christ, Mennonite. These Mennonite Christians also believe in plain, simple and modest dress. They believe in and require for membership a true spiritual experiences of the New Birth that Jesus said must be experienced to enter the kingdom of God and be saved. The power to be faithful in all things they hold must be from and by the Holy Spirit dwelling within. It should be noted that the use of modern things such as automobiles, electricity and telephones can be used by Mennonites with careful and proper control. But Mennonites do not find the use of radio or television to be for them since these are largely under the control of the carnal world and mostly harmful to true and pure spiritual living

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