This was the first facility housing the production of Longwood Furnaces, located on the Critten farm in 1958.

The Longwood Automatic Stove Company is in production in its new building and owner Wayne Critten expects to complete and install at least 200 units before the 1958 heating season is over.

In an article published on Oct. 16, 1958, by the Gallatin Democrat, Critten admits that he is just “coasting” this year as far as production is concerned. But another few months should see his dealer organization developed and his patented wood burning stove moving out of the plant on an assembly line basis.

The new 85’x138′ factory building is located on the Critten farm about five miles east of Gallatin. It was built by Critten and his workmen over the summer and has thick concrete walls and an aluminum sheathed roof with color plastic skylights. The building contains floor space for machinery required to handle the big slabs of sheet steel and aluminum plus stalls for trucks and a sizeable area for future office space. The first delivery truck has been purchased and is being painted for use.

Critten, who conceived the idea for his stove as the result of seeing so much timber go to waste on the farm, is now building three models. He has a new 3-foot model in production this year which is receiving wide acceptance. He also makes a 5-foot built-in unit and a 5-foot basement unit.

Quite a number of the stoves have been in use in the area the past several seasons and all are establishing almost unbelievable results. The stoves, which are thermostatically controlled, operate without a blower.

— from an article published in the Oct. 16, 1958, edition of the Gallatin Democrat

Building expansions became necessary as Longwood Furnace Corporation grew and later as the business emphasis changed to metal fabrications of Landmark Manufacturing. (date unknown)