The April 30, 1953, edition of the Gallatin Democrat questioned whether Gallatin was ready for a cap factory as proposed by Lambert Manufacturing Company. A checklist of 40 statements was published, and readers were to ask themselves whether they agreed or disagreed. Some of the reasons on this checklist were:

    1. Most high school graduates remain in town
    2. There’s a Chamber of Commerce with a “live-wire” manager
    3. Town entrances are free from junk shacks and billboards
    4. Teacher’s salaries are better than the state average
    5. There’s at least one doctor per 800 people in the county
    6. Newcomers quickly feel they’re part of the town
    7. Schools have plenty of room for students
    8. It’s easy to find a parking space in the business section
    9. There’s at least one restaurant that serves outstanding meals
    10. Good zoning keeps factories away from residential areas

In 1953 Jim and Joe Lambert looked to expand their headwear business which had operated in Chillicothe, MO, since 1936. Gallatin citizens organized the Gallatin Industrial Development Corporation (12 individuals pledging $1,000 each) and raised $40,000 to construct a 10,000 sqft building in exchange for a guaranteed payroll for the first 12 months of operation. Then, the new proprietors could lease the building for $1 year thereafter. This concrete block building was built at 609 South Main Street in Gallatin, MO.