In 1946 Gallatin Flying Club owned and operated the Daviess County Airport, located a mile west of Gallatin which later became Daviess County Country Club Golf Course. A metal building was erected by club members as a hanger, financed by donations. Shown is a Piper Cub, left, and a new, all-metal Luscombe Silvaire which was owned by Lester (Stub) Graham who flew heavy bombers during World War II. (Gallatin Democrat photo, June 27, 1946)

A grass runway airfield once operated west of Gallatin, MO, located roughly where the Daviess County Country Club later developed. (date unknown)

Small privately-owned, single-wing airplanes used the airfield. (date unknown)

Junior Terry of Gallatin, MO, was among local airplane pilots frequently in the skies using a grass runway airfield. (date unknown)