Between 1913-1937, Allen F. Wade edited and published the Jameson Gem.

While Jameson’s population peaked with about 450, the Gem’s circulation reached nearly 700 people. There were 5 columns on each of the eight-pages in the weekly publication. Each was filled with both news and advertising. When fires plagued Jameson’s business district during the 1920’s, the Jameson Gem office was the only building in its block to escape destruction. At age 73, Wade retired because of poor health. He had sent 3 daughters and a son to the University of Missouri. The daughters all graduated with honors, with degrees in education; the son turned to business after one year at the university, and was successful. In May 2001, the Jameson Community Betterment Association adopted the name “The Jameson Gem” and began publishing a monthly newsletter with a circulation of 68 households in Daviess County. As of July 2017, it was being mailed to 456 households throughout the United States (this was not a subscription paper; it was funded by donations and the fundraising efforts of the Jameson Community Betterment Association).