If a midyear report could have been issued in 1934, it would have several low scores. According to the Gallatin Democrat, some of the negative points for Missouri were:

      1. Missouri crop prospects were the lowest in 60 years.
      2. Cinch bugs and other insects had been the worst than in the last 50 years.
      3. Oats were the worst ever in the history of Missouri farming.
      4. Wheat had ripened prematurely which resulted in many shriveled grains.
      5. Hay yields were low and the smallest in recent years.
      6. Timothy and old mixed hay meadows were in the worst shape ever seen. A large portion of this land was used for pasture due to the drought; many of these fields weren’t worth harvesting for hay.
      7. At the time, it was believed the largest portion of the oat crop would have to be grazed and later sown to soybeans for foliage for their livestock.

— researched and presented by Wilbur Bush, Gallatin, MO