City and township Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects went into the hopper in fast fashion at the deadline for projects to be at submitted to WPA headquarters. Delegations from all over Northwest Missouri crowded into the WPA district offices at St. Joseph. Most anyone you ran into was carrying a blueprint and a bundle of papers.

It is estimated there were probably some 30 projects submitted from Daviess County townships. In counties where township organization prevails, the township boards handled and okayed the projects and not the county court. Practically all of the 15 townships had road projects, some one project, other townships three and four.

If all are given approval there will be a lot of roads surfaced in the county under WPA and, as we have repeatedly stated, it is the one and best way to expend government funds in rural areas; gives more needed service and employment than any other way.

At the district office in St. Joseph, under the supervision of A.R. Hendricks, those in charge are quite optimistic and hopeful that most of the road projects will be approved.

The City of Gallatin has submitted three projects. One is for the graveling of streets, a second for the extension of water mains and the third, improving the athletic field at Dockery Park including the construction of bleachers.

As for the local PWA school building project no one has any information. Gallatin school district citizens voted a $33,000 bond issue to match a $27,000 PWA grant to build a new high school building.

— researched and presented by Wilbur Bush, Gallatin, MO