In November of 1932, it was reported there would be $2,000,000 allotted for road construction in Northwest Missouri. Highway 13 was on the agenda and would be constructed through Daviess County.

It was estimated if the project was finalized, construction would start immediately and would require a lot of workers and would probably use every man now on the roster of unemployed in the county three months prior.

State Highway Department policy stipulated that local labor with dependents would get the first call on the road work. If right-of-way agreements could be reached, the state would build Highway 13 from Hamilton in Caldwell County, then entirely across Daviess County through Gallatin, and ending at Bethany in Harrison County.

Between Gallatin and the Harrison county line, the route would be constructed with traffic relief funds; the balance of the rest of the way would be financed with farm-to-market road funds. The surface was to be gravel.

The highway building fund for Missouri was earmarked at $32,000,000, and included in this amount would be approximately $500,000 in Daviess County:

      1. Construction of a concrete pavement 4.4 miles long aside the present nine foot pavement on Route 6 between Gallatin and Jamesport at an estimated cost of $78,000.
      2. Construct an oil mat surface, five miles long on Route 6, from Gallatin east, at an estimated cost of $5,000.
      3. Grade and surface with gravel 15.3 miles on Route 13 from Gallatin north to Harrison County line at an estimated cost of $180,000.
      4. Grade and surface with gravel 10 miles from Gallatin south to Caldwell County line at an estimated cost of $160,000.

Gallatin Democrat 11/29/32; 12/13/32; 1/3/33; 12/11/33
—  researched and presented by Wilbur Bush, Gallatin, MO