One notable resource concerning the history of Daviess County is available online. The History of Daviess and Gentry Counties published online by the Internet Archive and available for viewing at the following website address:

Daviess County history is written by John C. Leopard and Buel Leopard; Gentry County history is written by R.M. McCammon and Mary McCammon Hillman; illustrated. Historical Publishing Company, Topeka-Indianapolis, 1922.┬áThe following is a reprint of the history book’s preface:


It is the aim of the editors of the History of Daviess County to present in substantial form an authentic history of the county and its people, to which the present and future generations may refer with confidence and satisfaction as the years come and go, and that it may be a matter of permanent record for all time. It is not an easy matter to write the history of such a county as Daviess. Much more research was required than was anticipated as every effort has been made to secure accuracy. Many events had an influence in shaping the destiny of this county.

The chief sources of material were the county records, newspapers, reports of the state departments, the history of the county published in 1882, “Early Days on Grand River and the Mormon War” by R. J. Britton, the Memoirs of Major J. H. McGee, “Memories” by John F. Jordin, and “Recollections” by H. C. McDougal.

The writers have made requests for information upon various subjects of a large number of men and women, almost all of whom have responded willingly and promptly. To them the writers feel greatly indebted and while it is impossible to mention them all, this must not be taken to indicate a lack of appreciation of their efforts.

Among those who have been especially painstaking in supplying information are Mrs. Mary Cruzen, Samuel F. Sperry, Sr., George W. Williams, S. W. Brandom, W. C. Gillihan, C. H. Longfellow, H. J. Hollis, E. A. Martin, Mrs. W. W. Ament, Dr. M. A. Smith, and Mrs. J. W. McClasky. THE EDITORS, Gallatin, Mo., June 1, 1922.