After being dormant for over half a year, Courter Theater in Gallatin initiated a new series of live performances in February of 1984. A country music group, “Blaze of Glory,” performed admission free — but a free will offering was requested to help diminish debt and encourage future use of the theater.

Much work went into the preparation for this event. Bill Hass, president of a 22-member association of shareowners in the Courter Theater Corporation, described the investment made in repairing the theater building. Furnaces were repaired, auditorium seating was refurnished and secured to the floor, new electrical wiring and lighting was installed, and the movie screen was moved to allow more space for stage performers. A new soft drink machine was added to the concession stand and extensive cleaning was done throughout the building.

Courter Theater has been operated by a non-profit group of civic-minded individuals since 1965. There has been times when use of the theater was disrupted, the longest period perhaps being since the last theater operator (John Schweiger) resigned.

Gallatin’s Courter Theater opened in 1920, operated by John E. Courter at 103 South Main Street. A 30×120 building was erected on a lot adjoining the adjacent Gallatin Trust Company (purchased in 1919).