This photo shows students attending Altamont’s public school in 1909.

This photo of Altamont School (circa 1940) shows the second building for public education in the Altamont, MO, community.

This brick building (with a heating system for the entire building in the basement) was built in 1915. It featured four large classrooms and a superintendent’s office. When enrollments increased; another building known as the “bungalow” was built nearby for classes. After Rosendale and Hopkins schools merged with Altamont; the school became known as Altamont Consolidated District #5. The first graduating class completing four years of high school here was in 1923. High school classes were discontinued here during World War II; with students attending either Gallatin or Winston. In 1954 Altamont school was annexed into Gallatin. This building was sold in 1958 and later it was razed. (photo courtesy Class of 1928)

School wagons drawn by horses rather than motor carrier transported children to public schools in rural Missouri well into the 1930s, sometimes even later. Shown above is James Douglas Lollar, driving for the Altamont School about 1936. The “bus” sported a heating stove for those long, cold trips.

Members of the Altamont Class of 1916 are shown in this composite class photo for public display.


The school yearbook for Altamont High School was “The Altonian” for the 1940-41 academic year.

This class of students attended public school in Altamont, MO, during the 1949-50 school year.

These are members of the volleyball team playing for Altamont High School in 1940-41.

These are the members of the 1940-41 softball team playing for Altamont High School.

These are members of the girls basketball team playing for Altamont High School in 1940-41.

This photo shows the eight players and coach of the basketball team at Altamont High School in 1940-41.

This photo shows the students comprising the yearbook staff at Altamont High School, members of the “Altonian” class.

Students attending classes with teacher Katherine Barker (top row, center) at Altamont School in 1957-58.

Fifth grade students with teacher Katherine Barker (top row, center) attending school at Altamont, MO, in 1951.

Children at play at Altamont School (photo by Hubert Long; date unknown)

Public school classes for the children of Altamont, MO, were held in this building in 1941.