Efforts to catalog residences throughout Daviess County have been sporadic over the years. One grouping of eight Gallatin residences was published in the Daviess County Centennial Edition (September, 1937). During the late 1970s, an extensive study of communities throughout the region was done by Tom Carneal, longtime chairman of the History Department at Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville. His catalogs of residences and historical locations are included below.

Many historical photographs were produced by the Shultz Studio in Gallatin. Shultz Studio was prominent in recording Daviess County people and places for many decades. The following examples are photographs of farm homes and town residences archived by the Daviess County Historical Society:   (click on any image for enlargement)

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Attorney Henry Clay McDougal’s residence while in Gallatin, MO, was located at Berry & Maple Streets. It was a 2-story brick home over a raised basement, which made the main entrance facing Maple Street elevated. This woodcut image was made by Martha P. Sellers.

This is the architect’s blueprint of the “Knight Home,” located at 602 Forest Street in southeast Gallatin, MO. It is one of a set of blueprints shared by Ben and Mary Hacking, the home’s owners during 2018. This residence was featured in the History of Daviess and Gentry Counties (reprinted 1922) where it was identified as the residence of Idella Knight and her sister, Mrs. Mary McCullough.