Many, many photographs of the people and community of Gallatin, MO, during yesteryear were the work of W.F. Shultz. Oddly enough, few photographs of this widely known photographer exist.

Shultz Studio was commonly stamped on many photographs chronicling the Gallatin, MO, community for decades. This newspaper advertisement published in 1907 announces a new studio located at the corner of Jackson and Daviess Streets, a block west of the northwest corner of the Gallatin square.

This advertisement for Shultz Studio of Gallatin, MO, offers a seldom seen portrait of the business owner and photographer, Mr. Shultz himself. Shultz Studio worked out of the Odd Fellows Building at this particular time. (date unknown)

The embossed stamp of Shultz Studio, at lower right, is a familiar trademark on many local photographs of yesteryear.

Shultz Studio was in business serving patrons in Gallatin, MO, and surrounding area as this 1902 photo calendar offers evidence. Note the embossed stamp at lower right, a trademark familiar on many photographs of yesteryear.