The Coffeyburg Life was established in 1897 by I.J. Vogelsang but the newspaper was published only for a short time. The next paper was the Coffeyburg Sun, which was owned and edited by Allen F. Wade. It was established in 1899 and operated until 1901.

This is the Coffey Sun newspaper office in 1901, operated by Minnie (Bolar) and Allen Wade in Coffeyburg, MO. At left is Lillian Weldon (later married Dugger) at age 14. Notice photographs of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt on the wall and the July 4th celebration poster. Underneath the presidential photos is “The Sun Office For All Kinds of Job Work.” Photo stamped “C.S. Gates, Photographer of Coffeyburg, MO.”


Rupe & Son had a newspaper known as The Headlight but it was published for only a very short time.

In April, 1904, Ben Sailor moved a printing plant to Coffey and the first issue of the Coffey Enterprise was published in May of that year. Mr. Sailor was succeeded a few years by W.F. Rice, with Thomas Cunningham  becoming the editor a short time later. W. T. Pugh became the owner in 1910 or 1911. George Wade bought the Enterprise from W.T. Pugh and Ward Cadwalader helped publish the paper. The name was changed to Coffey News and the first issue was printed on June 1, 1913.

George Wade was editor and C.P. Dorsey was manager of the Coffey Record, with the first issue printed July 7, 1916. This paper, the last published in Coffey, was printed about one year.

Source: Coffey Centennial Book 1856-1956 (page 2), Walsworth Publishing Co.