Benham Falls on the Cypress Creek, a tributary of the Grand River in North Missouri. (date unknown)

This 1909 postcard shows the bridge spanning the Grand River near Gallatin, MO. Bridge girders were adequate for horse and buggy traffic but improvements were necessary as motor vehicles were more widely in use.

Leisure time for many Daviess Countians means fishing in the Grand River, as this photograph taken by Hubert Long of Gallatin records. (circa 1950)

This aerial view shows the Grand River south of the Highway 13 and 6 bridge at Wabash Crossing, east of Gallatin, MO, in 1961.

Calm waters flow in the Grand River during normal times, although raging floods are in its history. This scene near Gallatin looks north toward the Highway 6 overpass bridge at Wabash Crossing. (date unknown)