Captain John Comers led the Missouri Mounted Militia, 3rd Division Daviess County, which mustered into duty on Oct. 29, 1838, to engage in the “Mormon War” in Missouri. This unit was discharged on Nov. 3, 1838.┬áThose who served are listed as follows:

  • Pinkerton, John, 1st Sergeant
  • Banning, Jeremiah, 2nd Sergeant
  • Pritchard, George, 3.0 Sergeant
  • Smith, Isaac, 4th Sergeant
  • Ashby, Loyd, Pvt.
  • Atkinson, Joseph M. W., Pvt.
  • Atkinson, William C., Pvt.
  • Aubry, Henry, Pvt.
  • Barer, Isaac, Pvt.
  • Below, J. J., Pvt.
  • Blakely, Pleasant, Pvt.
  • Campbell, Jeremiah, Pvt.
  • Covington, Phillip, Pvt.
  • Creekmore, E. B., Pvt.
  • Darnaby, John S., Pvt.
  • Dryden, J. J., Pvt.
  • Etherton, John, Pvt.
  • Girdner, James, Pvt.
  • Gross, W. B., Pvt.
  • Gruff, E. T., Pvt.
  • Hatcher, Richard, Pvt.
  • Howell, M. R., Pvt.
  • Job, A. J., .Pvt.
  • Job, Robert, Pvt.
  • Job, W. W., Pvt.
  • Kelly, Jesse, Pvt.
  • Leaper, Henry, Pvt.
  • McDow, Samuel, Pvt.
  • McGonicle, James, Pvt.
  • McKavery, William, Pvt.
  • Miller, Allen, Pvt.
  • Morgan, Evin, Pvt.
  • Morgan, Henry, Pvt.
  • Netherton, J. N., Pvt.
  • Pennington, Francis P., Pvt.
  • Perman, Gilas, Pvt.
  • Price, Addison, Pvt.
  • Renfrow, John, Pvt.
  • Roberts, Jacob, Pvt.
  • Splawn, John, Pvt.
  • Stokes, John, Pvt.
  • Vanderpool, John, Pvt.
  • Wilson, James, Pvt.
  • Yates, George, Pvt.

— researched by David Stark, based on writings from The Jefferson Republican (a newspaper published in Jefferson City, MO., 1827-1844, according to the Missouri Historical Review, Vol. 4 No. 1)


Events Leading Up to the ‘Mormon War of 1838’

Resentment against Mormons entering into Missouri frequently turned to acts of violence. Burning homes and pillaging were commonplace, violence committed by both Mormon settlers and pioneer “Gentiles” alike.

Monday morning, Aug. 6, 1838, William Penniston and a group of political supporters surrounded the polling booth in Gallatin, openly declaring their determination to prevent the Mormons from voting.

Violence between Missouri homesteaders and Mormons extended beyond legal rights and property damage to physical fighting and murder as depicted in this artist’s sketch.

The political career of Missouri Gov. Lilburn W. Boggs was significantly impacted by the violence between Mormons and Missourians at Haun’s Mill in Livingston County, MO, as depicted in this artist’s sketch.