The following lists local men thought to have mustered in response to the Governor’s call concerning the Mormon War of 1838 which saw approximately 1,500 state militia confront Mormons located in Caldwell and Daviess counties in 1838.

Captain Edward Smith
Missouri Mounted Militia
3rd Division, Colonel Cornelius
Gilliam’s Command:

Mustered: 19 October 1838.
Discharged: 4 November 1838.

Rigeway, Thomas, 1st Sergeant
Smith, Abner, 2nd Sergeant
Green, Isaac, 3rd Sergeant
Nichols, John, 4th Sergeant
Patter, John, 1st Corporal
Brown, John, 2nd Corporal
Gilliam, R., 3rd Corporal
Garrison, George, 4th Corporal
Anderson, George W., Pvt.
Anderson, Isaac, Pvt.
Barnes, Benjamin, Pvt.
Barnes, Jerome H., Pvt.
Bowman, William, Pvt.
Brown, James, Pvt.
Buckeridge, James, Pvt.
Bush, George, Pvt.
Cameron, John, Pvt.
Casteel, Alexander, Pvt.
Casteel, David, Pvt.
Cope, Wiley, Pvt.
Crawford, Lewis, Pvt.
Crawford, Vincent, Pvt.
Crawford, William, Pvt.
Curl, James, P
Daley, William, Pvt.
Duncan, Robert, Pvt
Edmonson, John, Pvt.
Estes, Byrd, Pvt.
Estes, Henry, Pvt.
Estes, Jackson, Pvt.
Ferrill, Daniel, Pvt.
Fisher, Peter, Pvt.
Frost, Elijah, Pvt.
Garr, Adam, Pvt.
Gilliam, Andrew J., Pvt.
Gilliam, Robert P., Pvt.
Glenn, James B., Pvt.
Glenn, Silas L, Pvt.
Griffith, Joel, Pvt.
Groomer, David, Pvt.
Groomer, W.T., Pvt.
Guinn, David, Pvt.
Guinn, Henry, Pvt.
Inyst, James, Pvt.
Jackson, Joseph, Pvt.
Legit, John, Pvt.
Lill, Samuel, Pvt.
Livingston, Thomas, Pvt.
McCracken, John, Pvt.
McCully, Thomas, Pvt.
Miller, Moses W., Pvt.
Odell, Irvine, Pvt.
Poteet, Thomas, Pvt.
Quinn, Alexander, Pvt.
Quinn, Thornton, Pvt.
Shaw, George, Pvt.
Smith, Anderson J., Pvt.
Smith, Ezekiel W., Pvt.
Smith, Hiram, Pvt.
Smith, Vincent, Pvt.
Smith, William C., Pvt.
Swain, Peyton T., Pvt.
Taylor, Benjamin, Pvt.
Taylor, Warren, Pvt.
Theatheron, Solomon, Pvt.
Vassar, Samuel H., Pvt.
Weist, Samuel, Pvt.
Whitson, William, Pvt.
Willis, Merit, Pvt.
Wirst, William, Pvt.

This is an artist’s concept of martial law imposed upon the Mormons when the State of Missouri issued its “extermination order” of the Latter Day Saints in 1838. This depicts legally binding proceedings which occurred at Far West in Caldwell County, MO.