Hometown News — 1943

Dedicates Lovely Poem to Mother
This good-looking young soldier is Pvt. Leon Bartlett, aged 19, who is serving his country in an Armored division at N. Camp Polk, La. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Rado Bartlett of near Gallatin. Leon is attending radio school, for which he seems to have a special aptitude as he has made splendid grades. There is something at which this soldier has an aptitude. He recently wrote a sweet poem, dedicated to his mother, which reads as follows:

"Dear Mother"
Dear mother, I love you,
There is no other,
That I owe so much to
Dear Mother, so sweet and true.
There’s no one kinder and lovelier than you
Every night I say a prayer
To God to keep you well,
And send you blessing.
Dear Mother, I love you,
There is no other
That I owe so much to!

Three Sons in Service
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Beck, east of Gallatin, have three sons in military service. Cpl. Lawrence Beck, the eldest son, works in headquarters on the island of New Guinea; Pfc. Harolfl Beck is now stationed in Scotland and the youngest son, Pvt. Howard Beck, has just landed in North Africa. Mr. and Mrs. Back may, indeed, be proud of their sons.

In Anti-Tank Corps
Pfc. Harold D. Henderson has just returned to La Mesa, Cali., near San Diego, where he is stationed, after spending a l5-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Henderson. Pfc. Henderson is now on detached duty with the anti- tank corps of the 140th in fantry. He likes army life fine and was looking particularly fit.

Brother and Sister in the Service
Miss Benicia Matheny, 20-year-old daughter of Mr, and Mrs., John C. Matheny, left Tuesday j 1 night for New York City, where she will be trained as a WAVE. Miss Matheny enlisted some weeks ago and had passed all examinations and requirements and had been sworn in. She was cm-ployed at the McDaniel Tiele Co., in Kansas City until she joined the WAVES. A son of the Ma-thcnys, Pvt. Robert Matheny, has been in the service a year. He is stationed at Hondo, Tex. He just left this week to go back to camp after a furlough visit at home. His wife and baby accompanied him to Hondo and will live there j for a time.

Cpl. Thomas Home on Furlough
Cpl. Dorsey F. Thomas came this week for a 12-day fur]ough visit with his wife and mother and other relatives and I friends. Cpl. Thomas, "Red" as he [ is familiarly known, is stationed ‘ at Greenboro, N. C., and is a cook in Uncle Sam’s army. He gets a great kick out of large scale cookery and enjoys helping to keep the boys well fed. Mrs. . Thomas, who does defense work in Kansas City, is here with her husband.

Home On Furlough From Florida Station
Staff Sgt. Gordon Brown, accompanied by his wife, came Tuesday morning from Florida. Staff Sgt. Brown is station at Boca Raton field, near Miami, and has a 10-day furlough, which he and Msr. Sown will i spend visiting their many close : relatives and friends.

Returns to Camp Roberts
Pvt. J. W. Gann went Monday to Kansas City, where he entrained for his trip back to Camp Roberts, Cali. Pvt. Gann had a 15-day furlough from army duties. He has just completed his basic training in the infantry. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Gann took him to Kansas City.

Transferred lo Gunnery School
Pvt. William Houghton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Brue Houghton of Gallatin, has just begun a six-week course in aerial gunnery. He is being schooled at Tyndall Field, Penama City, Fla. His address is now: Pfc. William Houghton, Pool Sqdn, Bks-12, Tyndall Field, Panama City, Fla.

Promotion io Corporal
The promotion made recently of Alien Weldon King, son of Don R. King, of Gallatin, was to Corporal, instead of Pfc, as stated in last week’s issue of the papers. Cpl. King is in a medical corps and is stationed at Paris, Tex. Mrs. King has joined him at Paris and will live there while he is stationed there.

Seaman Lawrence Holly on Leave
Lawrence Holly, S 2/c looking fit and fine in his Navy uniform, was a caller in the newspaper office. Seaman Holly is at I home on a 15-day leave, after finishing his "boot training" at Farragut, Idaho. He is visiting his wife who teaches in Jameson and close relatives in the county. Seaman Holly was superintendent of the Jameson school before entering the service. He will return to Farragut when his leave is ended, for further assignment.

Discharged From Army
Gordon F. Sweany has received from the U. S. Army, after a number of months of service. He was stationed at Petersburg, Va. His wife and children, who have been living at Petersburg, returned to Gallatin with him and they expect to make their home here.

Receives Commission
John Murry Reed was commissioned Second Lieutenant in the ordnance department of the army, September 25, at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. Lt. and Mrs. Reed are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Reed of Jameson, Mo.

Bluejacket Home on Leave
Bob Utterback, S 2/c son of Mr. and Mrs. Shelton Utterback of near Gallatin, is at home on a 15-day leave from navy training. He has just finished his boot training at Farragut, Idaho and j will return there for further assignment. Seaman Utterback is a fine looking bluejacket.