Hometown News — 1943

Now First Sgt. Edwin T. Peniston
First Sgt. Edwin T. Peniston, USMC, of Gallatin, Mo. has been promoted from gunnery sergeant to his present rank. He is first sergeat of a Fourteenth, Marines Company, at Camp Pendleton, Calif. Sgt. Peniston is a son of Mr. and Mrs. T.T. Peniston of near Gallatin. They have another son, Pfc. Ross H. Peniston in the armed forces, somewhere in the South Pacific.

Home on Furlough
Cpl. Chas. Dudley Brandom arrived here Monday from Camp Chaffee, Ark., on a 10-day furlough. He was accompanied home by his parents, Atty. and Mrs. C.D. Brandom, who met him in Kansas City.

Censor Sends 61 Coupons
Judge A. B. Cleaveland of Kingston received a letter Wednesday from his son, Sgt. Bruce Cleaveland, who is a member of the air force in the southwest Pacific. Bruce wrote that he was enclosing 15 premium coupons for his father from the packages of a popular brand cigarette. At the bottom of the letter were these words, "The censor also sends you 61 coupons." And, sure enough, in the letter was a total of 76 cigarette coupons good for the purchase of several war savings stamps. — Hamilton- Advocate Hamiltonian.

A Reply Which Expresses the Universal Sentiment of The Boys
In reply to a question as to what he desired for Christmas, a Kansas City officer, Lt. Col. Thos. Paul Hughes replied:

You ask about a Christmas box.
I don’t want ties. I don’t want sox,
If they had a pipeline over to here,
I’d settle for a quart of beer.
Or, dreaming in this idle vein,
How’s for the corner of Twelfth and Main?
Hollywood, where the movie stars Play,
Or a little piece of Monterey bay?
The New York lady with her liberty light,
he Mojav desert where the sun is bright,
The sleepy, rolling Ozark hills,
Wet and blustry New England chills,
New Orleans, with her loads of fun,
Niagara lights when day is done.
Abe Lincoln’s mounment in D.C.
Or an Arkansas magnolia tree.
The thing I’m really trying to say
Is just anything that’s U. S. A.,
Because it’ll mean a lot to me,
I know it’s straight from God’s country.
—About Town in KC Times