Hometown News — 1943

Lt. Chas. F. Weldon in Australia
First Lt. Charles F. Weldon is the young officer pictured here. He is now in Australia, having arrived there just recently. He was stationed at Camp Davis, N. C., just prior to going overseas. Lt. Weldon informs his wife and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Weldon, of Lock Springs, it is spring in Australia and the rains are frequent. Mrs. Charles Weldon is living with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Pharis, near Nettleton and is employed in defense work in Hamilton. Lt. Weldon has a brother, Jack Weldon, also in overseas duty. Jack is in the Navy and is an aviation machinist’s mate 2/c. in the South Pacific area.

Staff Sgt Trotter Here
Staff Sgt. Forest Trotter is spending a 15-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Trotter and family in the Blake vicinity. Sgt. Trotter has been in the army two years and is stationed at Fort Knox, Ky. The Trotters have two other sons, Glen and Harry, in the service.

Rex Padget in India
Rex Padget, who wrote some time ago of having landed safely in India, writes that he is in an American camp, that the food is excellent and that the living quarters are bamboo huts. "I don’t suppose they have winter here," he writes "it is nice and warm, and how!" — Pattonsburg Call. Rex is a son of Judson Padget of Jameson. His brother, Judson Jadget, Jr., is a German prisoner of war.

Billy Place Here
Pvt. Billie Place from Camp Haan, Calif., arrived Thursday for a week’s furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. P.M. Place and with his wife, who is managing the Place Store in Maryville during the absence of her husband. He left Wednesday morning for the return trip, accompanied as far as Kansas City, by Mrs. Place.— Harrison County Times

Brothers Miss Each Other
Woody Lockridge arrived Thursday for a visit with homefolks. He has been transferred from Ft. Dix, N.J., to Florida. He belongs to the Fourth Motorized Division of the U. S. Army. His brother, Harold Lockridge, who had been home on furlough, left Tuesday for Farragut, Idaho. The brothers had hoped to meet here, but unfortunately missed each other by two days. — Jamesport Gazette.

Ptc. Marvin Carter Home on Furlough
Pfc. Marvin L. Carter son of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Carter, is spending a 12-day furlough with his parents and wife at Jamesport. Pfc. Carter is with the airbourne infantry and stationed at Camp Mackall, N.C.

Back from the Pacific
Lt. Lee Harrison Callison, U.S. Army, (above), returned from overseas recently. He flew here for the funeral of his uncle, Fred M. Harrison. The army officer known to his Daviess County friends as "Bud," was injured during the invasion of a Pacific island and was flown back to the States for treatment and to convalesce. He left here Oct. 17 for Temple, Tx., where he will enter the McGloskey General hospital, an army institution. (Photo by Terry Ogden, Carmel, Calif.

Pvt. Neiderhauser a First-Class Gunner
Pvt. Paul D. Neiderhauser writes his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Neiderhauser Jr., many interesting letters from overseas. He was in active duty for some time in the New Caledonia area and as a first-class gunner helped to bring down many Jap planes. He wrote that the greatest thrill of his life was seeing those Jap planes fall. He was well when he wrote home last and only a little homesick. Pvt. Neiderhauser had his basic training at Fort Sill, Okla., and he has been in the service for about a year. He is 20 years old

Pvt. Win. Smedley Arrives Safely Overseas
Mrs. William Smedley received a cablegram from her son, Pvt. Wm. A. Smedley, who is somewhere overseas. He said he was safe and well. Mr. and Mrs. Smedley had not heard from their son since he embarked for overseas so they were very happy to receive the word.

WAVE Visits Parents Near Altamont
Frances M. Wilson Y 3/c has been spending a 10-day leave with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Foster Wilson, Altamont, Mo. Since the completion of her training at Stillwater, Okla., last April, Frances has been stationed in Washington, D.C.

Judge Black’s Nephew in Ft. Worth Hospital
Judge and Mrs Ed Black of near Winston have received word that their nephew Carroll C. Garvin, S 2/c is in a hospital at Fort Worth, Texas, suffering from an acute nervous breakdown. Seaman Garvin has had 15 months of almost continuous sea duty on a destroyer, following three months of basic training. He was reared in the Black home, having lived with them over 18 years, and is like a son to them. Judge Black is a member of the local Selective Service Board.

Marine Spends Furlough With Homefolks
Sgt. Ferris F. Brown of San Diego, Calif., spent a 15-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brown of Lincoln township and other relatives and friends and left Friday for San Diego, where he has been with the Marines since August, 1942.

Cpl. Whitaker Visits Parents
Cpl. Russell Whitaker arrived in Jamesport Sunday for a 12-day furlough, visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Whitaker and family. Cpl. Whitaker has been taking a course in chemistry and physics at Purdue University in Indiana. — Trenton Republican Times.

Sends Paper to Two Sons
Mrs. W. E. Haynes was a publishing company caller this week to subscribe for the papers for their two sons, Tech. Sgt. Win. Haynes, Army Air Forces, and Arland Haynes Fireman 1/c of the Seabees, who are both in overseas service.

Undergoes Appendectomy in Foreign Hospital
Cpl. Donald P. Hockensmith, who is in overseas duty wrote his wife and parents, that he underwent an appendectomy Ocober 9th, from which he is recovering satisfactorily. He would like letters from home. His friends may call his wife or his parents Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hockensmith for his address. He says it’s plenty lonely in a hospital overseas.

Paul Rice, Aviation Cadet
Paul J. Rice, who enlisted almost a year ago in the Navy, as an aviation cadet, received his call to report at Liberty, Mo., Oct. 27. He is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Hailey Rice of Pattonsburg.

Second Decoration and Citation to Lt. Glenwood Black
The Navy Department announced recently that six U.S. Naval Officers have been decorated by the President for outstanding service in submarines. Included in this list is Lt. (j.g.) Robert G. Black, USNR., son of Robert Norris Black, P. O. Box 304, Gallatin, Mo. The citation for Lt. Black’s award states:

"For heroic conduct as Assistant Approach Officer aboard a United States submarine during four war patrols in enemy Japanese controlled waters. Despite the hazards and strain incident to prolonged undersea operations in perilous hostile territory, Lt. (j.g.) Black displayed cool courage and outstanding skill while performing his essential duties, thereby contributing immeasurably to the successful completion of important missions. His fearless determination and unswerving devotion to duty, maintained at great personal risk, enabled him to render valuable assistance in the accomplishment of an exacting assignment and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service."

Lt. Black has since been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. This is the second decoration that has been awarded to him.

— from the Gallatin North Missourian, scrapbook clippings provided by Lucille Bruce