Hometown News — 1943

Sees Brother and Friends From Home
Pvt Conrad Binney writes the publishing company to have his address changed. He is somewhere in the South Pacific and said he saw Kenneth Lee Caraway, who is in the navy not long ago. He also sees his brother Basil Binney, U. S. Navy, once or twice each month.

Buddies Of Jameson Meet In The Service
Arthur Landes, Jr has recently been promoted to the rating of Pharmacist’s Mate 3/c in the Navy. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Landes of Weatherby, but formerly of near Jameson. He recently wrote his parents that he met, quite by chance a former schoolmate and buddy, Sgt. Charles Foster of Jameson, who is in the Army Air Force.

Friends Meet in Far Places
Our late editor received an interesting V-mail letter from Lt. Jack E. Brown, who is now in Australia. Lt. Brown would like addresses of Daviess County boys in that theater, but as we only have APO addresses could not supply them. Hope some of the home county boys, now in Austrailia, who receive the paper find each other through this column. Lt. Brown is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Brown of near here and has been in the service for about two years. Following is his letter:

Dear Fred:
A line to let you know my change of address. Have just received the August 12 edition. Maybe a correct address would rush it along. It will be below. "Am in Australia now, Fred, and like it fine. Friendly people and they like the Yanks. What I’d like most, Fred, is some addresses of fellows from home, who are in this theater. Give them to my parents and they will forward them on to me. Had the delightful pleasure of meeting two fellows formerly of Gallatin. Van Keith Harlow, whom I met in one of the large cities here. Also QJ. Watkins who was on the same I boat that I came over on. Met them both under queer circumstances and we sort of had an old-fashioned reunion. I understand there are quite a few from that locality stationed over here. And as I’m the only one in this outfit from there it would be pretty nice to see someone I know. I suppose the baseball fanatics are preparing for the world series? News is scarce, so say hello, to all. I am, respectfully "Lt. Jack E. Brown."

Well, Jack, the series has come and gone, as you no doubt know, ” and our beloved Missouri "Cards" lost!

Sgt. Wilbur Donner Does a Good Job In Army
You will recognize this likeness as our good friend, Wilbur Donner, formerly of Kidder. Sgt. Donner now, after 6 months in the service. Sgt. Donner is in the U. S. Army Air forces, stationed at the army air base at Herington, Kan. He wrote his friend Editor Fred Harrison an interesting letter not long since, which we quote, giving an idea of just how busy Sgt. Donner has been since he entered the armed forces. But don’t think for a minute, he can’t "take it," for in civilian life he edited and published a news sheet and operated a picture show at one and the same time over at Kidder and did a fine job of it, too.

Sept. 10, 1943. Mr. Fred Harrison, Gallatin, Mo.,
Dear Editor:
Well, the Mrs. and I arrived here in Herington last evening at 9 o’clock We spent the day and night before in Kansas City. It sure was nice to be home again and be free for such a short time, but at that I must give a great deal of credit to the army life here and I can truthfully say that ‘Army Life is Great.’ Some fellows are like this, they never had to do any work of any kind and some never took orders, the army is tough on fellows like that and that can be one of the many reasons why a lot of fellows think the army is tough. The army life is similar to that of a civilian way of living, it’s what you want to make it. I was inducted into the Army Air Forces at Leavenworth, Kan., Jan. 5, 1943 and was granted a 7-day leave and reported for active duty on the 12th of January, and the 15th was my hardest day and my first day of K.P., and I was plenty tired before the day was over. The next day or so we got shipping orders and on January 19, was landed in Miami Beach, Fla., for basic training. Having enjoyed my stay in Miami Beach the ocean breeze and also swimming there every two or three days, I was again put on shipping order and sent to Salt Lake ,City, Utah. I was there 13 days for classification and then was sent here and was landed the 13th of March. I was here one week, was assigned and given Pfc. March 20. Made corporal May 1, and made sergeant July 15. Four months after being assigned. That’s about all I can say up until now, but must say a fine word for our squadron commander, Lt. Joe M. Hunt. Yours truly, WILBUR DONNER.
— Sgt. Donner is a grandson if Mrs. Myra Brown of the Civil Bend community and is a nephew of Milt and W. O. Donner of Pattonsburg.

— from the Gallatin North Missourian, scrapbook clippings by Lucille Bruce