Hometown News — 1943

Two Sons in Service — One at Ft. Bliss, TX, the Other at Camp Polk, LA.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Eads have two sons serving their country in the armed forces. The first of these fine-looking men, portrayed here is Pvt. Clarence R. Eads (picture) who entered the service Aug. 4, 1942. He was assigned to anti-aircraft artillery and is being trained in this work at Fort Bliss, Texas. He writes his family and friends, frequently and says he likes the army fine. Just one year later, almost to the day, on August 1, 1943, and other son, Frederick K. Eads (picture) was inducted into the army. Pvt. Fred Eads looks as if army life agrees with him, as he is a healthy looking specimen of young manhood and will no doubt "do his stuff" when given the chance. He is taking his basic training at Camp Polk, La. Mr. and Mrs. Eads are justly proud of their two fine sons.

One Son Home on Furlough; the Other in California
Mr. and Mrs. Banks Hershberger were happy to have their son, Pvt. Virgil Hershberger arrive here last Tuesday to spend a 15-day furlough with them. Pvt. Hershberger, who is 21 years old, is stationed at Salina, Kan., where he is in a medical corps. Mr. and Mrs. Hershberger have another son in the service, Cpl. William Hershberger Jr., 22, who training in Hans, CA, in the field artillery.

Maynard Alexander Overseas
Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Alexander of Nettleton have been notified that their son Maynard Alexander, has left New York City overseas duty. Maynard entered army service last March and was last stationed at Shreveport, La. He is a mechanic with the army air forces. Maynard’s brother, Harold is also a member of the army air forces and is stationed in North Carolina. He has been in service seven months. — Hamilton Advocate-Hamiltonian.

The Dugan Reeds’ Son Undergo Appendectomy
Mr. and Mrs. Dugan Reed of Breckenridge have received letters from their son, Chas T. Reed carpenter’s mate, 3/c telling them he recently underwent an appendectomy, from which he is recovering satisfactorily. Charles has been overseas one year and is with the Seabees in the Aleutian Islands.

First Visit Home in Three Years
Boatsman Mate First Class William J. Barlow left for the West coast Monday after spending a week with his father, Charles Barlow of Jamesport. This was Barlow’s first visit home in three years. He has been serving in the Pacific war zone.

Cpl. Scott Cables Parents
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Scott were made truly happy, one morning last week when they received a cable gram from their son, Cpl. Robert Q. Scott in North Africa. "Bobby," as he is known to his family and friends, sent "loving greetings, and told his parents, he thought of them more each day. Mrs. Scott says that Roy Dean, Rock Island, is a perfect purveyor of good tidings, as he told her beforehand that the news was "good, not bad."

"They fought a good fight — though a foxhole’s grime.
And sweat and blood was their pay,
And they died where they fell in the jungle slime
And — where were YOU that day?
"Were you walking a mile without a kick?
Did you stay on the job that day?
Were you spreading the butter a little less thick?
Were you buying a bond with your pay?
"The load we carry is light as a pin
Compared to a soldier’s pack
But — be able to say, I helped you win
When they come marching back."

— And then there is the soldier back from overseas service who said: "I can stand the whine of bullets overhead when I am in a foxhole, easier than the whine of some of you folks here at home when you can’t get every thing you’d like to buy." Deleted, but them’s my sentiments, too.

Billy Hulen Missing
A clipping from the Cameron Progress states that Mr. and Mrs. Tye have received word from Miss Virginia Hulen of Denver, Colo., giving the news that her brother, William (Billy) Hulen, has been reported missing in action since September 7, in the European area. Billy is a technical sergeant and a radio operator with a bomber crew. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hulen, who formerly lived in Jamesport, when Mr. Hulen was owner and publisher of the Jamesport Gazette from 1912 to 1925.

Sgt. Harry Muller Home On Furlough; Wife and Baby With Him
Sgt. Harry L. Muller, who is stationed at Laredo Army Air Field, Laredo, Texas, has been here spending a 14-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Muller and other relatives and friends. He was accompanied here by his wife and baby, who live at McCook, Neb. Sgt. Muller was having his first furlough in his year of service in the armed forces. He has returned to Laredo, where he will continue as an instructor in aerial gunnery.

A Citation of Honor
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Whiteaker, of southeast of Maysville, were office visitors, Wednesday morning, and brought with them the Citation they received from the Army Air Corps following the death of their son, Cpl. Kenneth O. Whiteaker, who was the first DeKalb County boy reported killed in action following Pearl Harbor. Kenneth was lost on Jan. 28, 1942 in action in the Philippines. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps in California and had been in service 30 months. Mrs. Whiteaker was wearing the Purple Heart award in memory of her son. It is a beautiful heart of gold, suspended from a purple ribbon, bearing three stars. It is inscribed "For military merit — Kenneth O. Whiteaker." — DeKalb Couty Record-Journal,

Wounded In Action
Mr. and Mrs. Emory Ayers of the Madison community, south of Gallatin,  have received word that their son, Pfc. John Ayers, has been wounded in action.

Hear From War Prisoner
Word from Pvt. Judson J. Padget, 28 years old, a prisoner of war in Germany, has been received by his sister, Mrs. Bill McCaughey, 3229 the Paseo. The communication asked for packages and cigarettes. — Kansas City Times. Pvt. Padget is a son of Judson Padget of Jameson. The sister in Kansas City is the former Miss Marjorie Padget.

Returns to Camp After Furlough
Pfc. Donald M. Groves, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Groveg of Colfax Township, returned Wednesday morning to Pine Camp, N. Y., after spending a 12-day furlough with his parents, sisters and other relatives and friends. Donald is in the Ordnance Department at Pine Camp, NY.

Wesley Lee Jr., Winston Boy, Missing in Action
Wesley Lee, Sr., received a message Friday from the war department, stating his son, Wesley Lee jr., has been missing in action since September 15. Wesley, Jr., is a member of a paratroop unit and was a prisoner of war in Spanish Morocco last December, later he was released and wrote home of his experiences. Wesley Lee Jr., is a popular young man of the Winston community.

At Fort Washington, Md.
Pvt. Carolyn Hockensmith WAC, writes her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Drummond, that she is now stationed at Fort Washington, Md. She has been driving a jeep much of the time since she enlisted in the service and is now receiving training for overseas duty.

— from the Gallatin North Missourian, clippings provided by Lucille Bruce