Hometown News — 1943

Kingston Soldier Honored
The Skelly Oil Company was host at a breakfast Saturday morning at Mid’s Cafe in Kingston, following the 7 o’clock broadcast over WDAF and other NEC network stations, when Lyle Fitzgerald, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Fitzgerald of near Kingston, was the recipient of the W. G. Skelly Agricultural Achievement Award. Mr. Fitzgerald: accepted the award for his son who is in the armed forces, stationed at Camp Callan, Cali. Lyle is the first member of the armed forces to receive this award and is also the youngest person to be so honored by Mr. Skelly. Those present at the breakfast included Mr. and Mrs. William Fitzgerald and daughter, Miss Lola; Paul Zillman, Stewartsville,former vocational agriculture teacher at Hamilton during the time Lyle was a student here; Rolla A. Baugher, Hamilton county agent; A.L. Deal, Kingston; L.G. Ehlers, president of the Hamilton bank, and M.O. Ridings, publisher of the Advocate-Hamiltonian, Hamilton; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Tolbert and Bert Heaston, Gallatin; L.Y. Gifford and E.C. McGurren, Skelly representatives.

Now An Aviation Student
Aviation Student Howard Weldon, it is now, since he has been, transferred from the regular army to a study of aviation at East Central College, at Ada, Okla. He was sent there last week from Amarillo, Texas after being transferred there from Camp Polk, La. A chance to study aviation is the answer to all of Howard’s dreams and desires, whose brother, 1st Lieut Lloyd Hamilton Weldon has been missing in action from a base in England since June 13th, 1943. These fine young men are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd C. Weldon of near Gallatin. While they have had no official word as to their son’s safety, they have received word from unofficial sources that he is probably a German prisoner of war.

Gilbert Brown Now a Second Lieutenant
Gilbert H. Brown of Jameson, Mo., was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the army of the United States, Sept. 27, upon successful completion of the Officer Candidate Course at the infantry school at Fort Banning, Ga. Lt. Brown is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Hadley Brown of Jameson, Missouri. The new lieutenant was inducted into the army on Jan. 5, 1942 and served with the 53rd infantry and 14th Signal Co., before going to Officer Candidate school, three , months ago. He held the rank of Perry Whitt, before going to F T/5 before being commissioned. The new officer attended Jameson High school in Jameson, Mo., and Northwest Missouri Teachers College, Mo. at Maryville, Mo.

In Armed Forces Over Two Years; Brother in Service
Sgt. Robert L. Turner, who is pictured here, has been serving his country since March, 1941, and is now with the 160th Infantry , overseas. He attended the Jamesport High school and is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Turner, Route 5, Jamesport. He writes his parents interesting letters of foreign service. The Turners are also proud to have another son in the armed forces. He is Pvt. Lloyd J. Turner, who is in a Glider infantry in training at Camp Mackail, N. C. Pvt. Turner graduated from Jamesport High school and was employed at the Rock Island Arsenal at Rock Island, IL, before he entered the service in April, 1943.

On Coast to Coast Tour
Tech Grade 5, Warren D. Heldenbrand son of Oscar L. and Grace I Heldenbrand of Altamont, Mo., is now on a coast-to-coast tour with the First Composite British Battery. The unit, in this country, as guest of the U.S. War Depoartment and the Antiaircraft Command, Maj. Gen. Joseph A. Green, commanding, will visit U. S. army installations to demonstrate British tactics and equipment. Cpl. Heldenbrand, stationed at Camp Davis, N.C. was one of 135 men picked for the assignment as a member of the American Escort Detachment.

Recommended for Officer Training
Staff Sgt. Raymond Whitt is the good-looking, soldier portrayed here. He has been recommended for officer training and is here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Whitt, before going to Fort Benning, Ga., where he will be trained. Staff Sgt. Whitt has been in the armed forces for two and one-half years and has made a fine record. He was stationed for the past few months at Camp Adair, Ore., and his wife lived at Corvallis, near the camp. She is here with him and will accompany him to Georgia. In civilian life, Staff Sgt. Whitt was a genial and popular clerk in Merrigan’s grocery and has a host of friends who congratulate him on his military record. he has two brothers in the service, Staff Sgt. Donald Lee Whitt, who was reported missing in action in the Sicilian area, July 4, 1943, and Sgt. PErry Whitt, jr., who is stationed at Camp Forest, Tenn. These three and their sister, Mrs. Raymond Wickizer of near Jamesport, are the four fine young people, who are the sons and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Whitt.

Feminine Bluejacket in Training
Leta M. Hoover, daughter of ] Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hoover, Coffey, Mo., member of the U. S. Naval Women’s Reserve, was enrolled recently at the Naval Training School (storekeepers) on the campus of Indiana university at Bloomington, Ind., where she is undergoing an intensive 12-week course preparing to release a shore-based sailor storekeeper for active sea duty. "Boot training" aptitude tests and past civilian experience was the basis of the feminine Bluejacket’s selection to the Bloomington campus. the expertly instructed course includes study on issuing stock, preparing stock reports under the supply department, recording and invoicing stocks. Physical training and pleasnt university social functions will supplement her rigorous college-slanted course. Eligibility for an advanced petty officer rating and assignment to active duty at some naval shore station within the continental limits of the United States await the feminine Bluejacket upon her graduation from the storekeeper training school.

On Leave From Navy
Weldon Brown Jr., S 2/c, has been home on a 15-day leave, which he spent with his mother, Mrs. Dillin Brookshire, at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sims, in Gallatin. He has returned to the U. S. N. T. S. at Farragut, Idaho, where he will receive a new assignment to duty.

Here From Slalen Island, N.Y.
Cpl. F. W. Everman jr., accompanied by Mrs. Everman, came lest Saturday for a visit with their respective famlilies, the F.W. Evermans and Mr. and Mrs. Homer Miller. Cpl. Everman is a military police and is stationed on Staten Island, N. Y. Mrs. Everman lives in a town on the island near the army camp. Cpl. Everman has a 14-day furlough.

Oak Leaves With D.S.C., Kidder Young Man
Lt. Mart Leslie Smith, fighter pilot in t. Pacific war zone, has been awar ed the Distinguished Flying Crc and an Oak Leaf Cluster for hei ism in action in shooting do Japanese planes, his parents Kidder, have been notified.

Lt. Clifford Jarrett on Furlough
Second Lt. and Mrs. Cliffc Jarrett, of Baltimore, Md., have been here visiting with Mrs. J. rett’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. G Leutzinger and Thursday went Kansas City to visit with I Jarrett’s parents, who recen moved there from Gallatin. Mr. Jarrett, who was an attorney in Kansas City, at the time he entered the service, has been in training at Aberdeen, Md., and upon his return there, he will enter upon another three months period of advanced training. Mr. Jarret is now a Second Lieutenant. He and Mrs. Jarrett make their home in Baltimore, which is near his camp at Aberdeen. They left Thursday to return to Baltimore. — Cameron News-Observer