Hometown News — 1943

Miss Miley Joins the SPARS
Miss Dixie Miley left last Thursday from St. Joseph, for Palm Beach, Fla., where she will be trained as a SPAR. Miss Miley is a graduate of Gallatin High school of the class of ’41 and enlisted in the service in Kansas City. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Miley of near Gallatin.

Sees Home County Boys, Likes His Paper
Pfc. Raymond Worrell, somewhere overseas, writes an interesting letter to our late editor. He tells of having seen two boys from home, Gilbert Alsup and Jimmy Doak. He says "I am still getting the paper and I want you to keep it coming."

Promotion For "Jeff" Curtis
Joseph Franklin (Jeff) Curtis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Curtis of 518 No. 20th St., St. Joseph, Mo., who is somewhere in England, writes his parents he has been promoted from sergeant to staff sergeant. He is in the medical unit at hospital and doing laboratory work. He has been in the army 10 months. He had his basic training in Kearns, Utah and Warner-Robbins, Ga

Home on Furlough; Wears Soldiers’ Good Conduct Medal
Sgt. Elmer Staats is spending a 15-day furlough at Jameson with his mother, Mrs. Sophia Marshman. Sgt Staats is stationed at the GIider Field near Lubbock Tex. He is wearing a Soldier’s Good Conduct medal, which he had been awarded in recognition of loyal and efficient service over a period of at least 12 months. He has been in the service 18 months. Sgt. Staats surprised his many friends when he and Miss Helen O’Hare came to Gallatin Saturday afternoon and were married by the Rev. Robert Seabaugh. Mrs. Marshman has two other sons In the service. They are Pfc. William Marshman, who is overseas and Pfc. Robert Staats stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood. He recently had a furlough, which he spent with his mother. The latter two young men entered the service on the same day, 16 months ago.

Taking Advanced Training at Allus, Okla.
Aviation Cadet Lester Graham was recently transfered to Altus, Okla., where he will take his advanced training. Upon the completion of this training Cadet Graham will receive his commission and wings. His wife and son, Joe, are here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Graham.

Three Sons in the Service; One in Army, Two in Navy
Mrs. W.L. Reed of Jamesport is the mother of three sons and all of them are in the service of their country, and they all volunteered. The eldest, Willie F. Davis (picture), MM 1/c is in the U. S. Navy. He is 26 years old. He joined the navy more than two years ago, spending two years in Cuba and returning to the United States May 29, 1943. Willie had a 30-day furlough in June, which he spent with his mother, Mrs. Reid and Mr. Keid, at Jamesport. Following his furlough he attended Deisel engineer school at Cleveland, Ohio, Where he met and married an attractive girl last September. He is now stationed at Norfolk, Va., and his wife recently joined him there. Master Sgt. Martin Ralph Davis, (picture) 23 has been in the U.S. army for three years. He, too, married since he joined the army, selecting for his bride, a Salt Lake City girl. Sgt. Davis has not been home for two years as he is in overseas duty somewhere off the west coast. Before entering the service he was in the grocery business, connected with the Red and White grocery at Jamesport. Clifford Davis, (picture) 19, is Mo. MM 2/c in Uncle Sam’s navy and makes a fine looking bluejacket, indeed. He joined the navy in December, 1942, taking his boot training at Great Lakes Training Center. He was then transferred to advanced Diesel Engine school at Detroit, Mich., and is now at Norfolk, Va., where his brother is stationed. He spends week end leave with his brother and wife, Cliff, or Whitey, as he is known to his many Daviess County friends, graduated from Jamesport High school and then worked at an aircraft factory in Los Angeles until he enlisted. He recently sent his mother a true Navy poem, which follows:

Say, girl, I saw you sneer just now,
Don’t I look good to you?
I’m not one of your class, you say,
I wear the Navy Blue.
You think that I’m not fine enough,
For such a girl like you;
But men who would not hold your hand,
Have worn the Navy Blue.
We’re only common sailor boys,
‘Til war’s kill starts to brew.
Then, dear friends, you are the first,
To cheer the Navy Blue.
How many folks in civilian life,
Will take the time to think.

That sailors do some other things,
Besides carouse and drink.
When we are dead, when we are gone,
When life’s last cruise is thru,
W’ll not be barred from Heaven’s gates,
For wearing Navy Blue.
So when you meet a sailor boy,
I’d smile, if I were you,
No better men are made, by God,
Than boys in Navy Blue.

Injured On Maneuvers
Cpl. Hubert Maharg of Camp Forest, Tenn., was recently injured while on maneuvers, according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Maharg of Jamesport. Cpl. Maharg fell down an embankment and fractured his knee cap and tore the ligments. He Is confined to the evacuation hospital and will probably be there six weeks.

Lt. Swaithes to McKinney, Tex.
Lt. Marjorle Swaithes, A.N.C., who has been spending a month’s furlough with her father, H.L. Swaithes and her sisters, Mrs. Everet Ellis at Cameron and Mrs. R. A. Bretz, accompanied Mr and Mrs. Bretz to Osawatomie, Kan. this week for a visit of a day or two before leaving Wednesday for McKinney, Texas, where she reports for duty. Lt. Swaithes served several months in Africa and we understand has again asked for foreign duty. — The Hamilton Advocate-Hamiltonian.

Home on Short Furlough
Aviation Cadet James Max Landes, who is being schooled at a college at Concord, Ohio, is spending a 7-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Omer Landes.

Promotion for Lt. Fred B. Porter
The Monday Kansas City Times, in the list of army promotions carried the name of Fred Ballard Porter, Gallatin, promoted from Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant. Lt. Porter is stationed at Columbia, N. C., and his wife, the former Miss Rebecca Foley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Foley, is there with him. She is employed in a gift shop, there.

Cpl. Hubert Long Home
Cpl. Hubert H. Long left Tuesday evening for Camp Pendleton, Va., after spending a 10-day furlough here with his wife and son. He had just completed a course in some special electrical work at Camp Monroe, Va., before corning home. Cpl. Long, formerly a member of the firm of the Gallatin Hardware Co., has been in the service since last March.

Promoted io Captain
Monday’s Kansas City Times listed the names of Martin Leslie Smith jr., of Kidder, as receiving a promotion from first lieutenant to captain in the army.

Transferred io Muskogee
Aviation. Cadet Duane Hickox has completed his training at Sat Antonio, Texas, and was recently transferred to Muskogee, Okla. where he will receive further training. His wife, the former Miss Faith Few, of Gallatin, was with him in Texas and will live in Muskogee while he is stationed there.

Home on Furlough From Louisiana
A/C J. W. Burge spent a few days last week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Farley Burge. He is stationed at Selman Field Monroe, La. Cadet Burge has been in the service for 20 mmoths and for the past year has been doing instruction work at Johnson City, Tenn. He was transferred back to Selman Field where he will continue with a navigation course.

Real News to Family and Friends
This column carried an item of real news to Mr. and Mrs. Fleet Croy, parents of Cpl. Tom Brown Croy, somewhere in the South Pacific. A public relations press release sent to his local paper informed his family and friends of him being awarded the good conduct medal as well as something about the type of work he is doing. As is typical of a good soldier, Cpl. Croy has been extremely reticent about his doings, and this was their first news of the recognition accorded him.

Lt. Whitt Home on Furlough
Lt. Fred B. Whitt is at home on a 15-day leave from army duties. He is stationed at Camp Rucker, Ala. Lt. Whitt is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Whitt of near Gallatin.

— from the Gallatin North Missourian, scrapbook clippings provided by Lucille Bruce