Hometown News — May 6, 1943

Aviation Radioman
Donald Houghton (picture) Gallatin young man and son of Rural Route Carrier Marshall S. Houghton and wife, in the U.S. Navy, and who holds the rating of aviation radioman, second class. Donald is somewhere on the Pacific. He has been in the Navy 14 months. Since joining in the navy his family has increased. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Houghton April 2nd, and the young man answers to the name of Donald L., Junior.

Cpl. Chas. Everly on Furlough
Tech. Cpl. Chas. Everly is home from Camp Beale, Cali., on a furlough. Charles is attached to a tank unit. He has been in the service since last November. He says he meets up ever once in awhile with Master Sgt. Don Swofford, also stationed at Camp Beale.

Nilmarth Brown on Furlough
Nilmarth Brown, pharmacist’s mate 3rd Class of the U.S. Navy, who is stationed at Sampson, N.Y., is spending a week’s furlough with his wife of Pattonsburg and his mother, Mrs. Pauline Brown of Jameson.

Lieut. Glenwood Black on Furlough
Lieut. Glenwood Black of the United States Navy is home on a short furlough visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Black and other relatives and friends. Lieut. Glenwood is on submarine duty and has many interesting experiences to relate. He made a most interesting talk before the Rotary club Tuesday, but asked not to be quoted. Doubtless Lieut. Glenwood has seen plenty of action. Not so many months ago he had the happy privilege of meeting up with his cousin, Galen Graham, when both happened to be docked. Galen is in the navy, also.

Tech. Cpl. Virgil Brown Home
Tech. Corporal Virgil Brown is home on a 12-day furlough from army duties at Camp Barkeley, Tex., and visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brown of the Jamesport community. Cpl. Brown has been in the army 14 months and is a mechanic in a motorized infantry regiment.

Cpl. Wm. M. Lollar Home
Cpl. Wm. Lollar enjoyed an 11-day furlough at home and visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Lollar of the Lock Springs community. He has returned to Camp Barkeley, Tex., and was accompanied to Kansas City by his parents.

Stationed at Pueblo, Colo.
Cadet Chester Coen has received official notice to report at the Pueblo airport for his fourth course in war training service. This course is known as the Link Instrument course and only one other school in the United States teaches it. It requires two months for completion. Mrs. Coen will remain at Kirksville where she is employed with the Southwest Bell Telephone Co. — Jamesport Gazette

 "Lingo" Gives Them Away
Lowrey Field, Colo. (4-28-43) — "Dear Friend Fred: "Just to let you know I’m still alive and doing o.k. Am going to Technical Training school here learning armament, which is very interesting to me. I met boys from every state in the U.S.A. and I can spot their home community without their saying about their home state. Each locality has its own manner of expression and I get quite a kick out of the boys from Georgia and Alabama. Their typical southern drawl gives them away. I had my basic training in Clearwater, Fla. A beautiful place on Tampa Bay. We could watch the tide come in and the sea gulls were almost tame. I stayed in the largest frame hotel in the world, just 1,500 rooms and halls almost half a mile long. "Had the pleasure of meeting Harry James, piano player, while there. Some prominent men are joining the air force all the time. And it is a great organization, too. Tell Joe Tate, he could play golf at Clearwater, for they have an 18-hole course there, but he will have to wait until peace time for it. "Well, Fred, I wish I could write more, but it is almost time to retire. So if you will change my address from Buckley Field to Lowrey Field, I will appreciate it. I always look forward to the old hometown paper. Thanking you in advance and wishing you and the force luck, I remain your friend, Pfc. Forrest W. Lukehart, 21st T.S.S. Lowrey Field, Colo.

Pvt. Marvin Carter Located
Pvt. Marvin L. Carter writes his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Carter, that he is permanently located at Camp Mackall, North Carolina, which is a new camp under construction at this time and is the second of its kind to be built It is located 75 miles from Raleigh, N.C. Marvin’s address is Pvt. Marvin L. Carter 37520, 1030, Hg. Co. 1, Bn, 194th, Glider Inft., AB Div APO 492, Camp Mackall, N.C. Mrs. Carter is with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Parker, in Trenton at present. — Jamesport Gazette.

In California Camp
Pvt. Junior Ragan, of Gallatin, well known local young man, is in Uncle Sam’s army and stationed at San Luis Obispo, Cali. Junior writes he is well pleased with the army and only recently returned from several weeks on maneuvers. Junior is in the infantry. In civilian life Junior operated a coal truck and knows "how to get the job done."

Jack Weldon on Furlough
Jack Weldon of the U.S. Navy is home on a furlough and visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Weldon of Harrison Township. Jack has been in Alaska, but is now on navy duty around Seattle, Wash.

Stf. Sgt. Dudley Townsend on Furlough
Stf. Sgt. Dudley Townsend is home on furlough and visiting his father, Luther Townsend in Harrison township and other relatives and friends. Sgt. Dudley is an instructor in the air corps. Prior to entry into the service he was a school teacher.

Wants Address Changed
Connie Binney writes from Camp Barkeley, Texas to change the address of his paper. It has been going to Louisiana where his outfit was on maneuvers, Connie adds: "Everything the same here as always. Was 99 Sunday and Monday was cool enough to wear a light coat. Dry here—hasn’t trained like last year. Training seemed to have speeded up."

Pvt. Virgil Coen in California
Pvt. Virgil E. Coen is now in California on desert maneuvers. His address is 37239169, Btry C. 981 Bn. APO 441 Care P.M. Los Angeles, Cali.

Pvt. Rob’t Place in Australia
Friends here of Pvt. Rob’t Place received a V-Mail letter from him in Australia. He says he is a very busy man, the Australian girls are attractive but there is no place like old Missouri. He says the weather is fine and he is o.k. and still glad to hear from old friends.

Lieut. L.H. Weldon Overseas
First Lieut. L.H. (Hammie) Weldon has arrived safely overseas, according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Weldon. He is an aviator and attached to a bomb squadron. His brother, Pvt. Howard C. Weldon is at Camp Polk, La., and is a driver in a tank corps division. Howard’s address is Co. H, 36th AR-8th AD — APO 258, Camp Polk, La.

Assistant Navy Chaplain
Rev. O.L. Watkins advises his son, Quentin Watkins, chief yeoman in the U.S. Navy, is now serving as an assistant chaplain on a troop transport traveling the Pacific. Prior to this service, Quentin was a ship service clerk and stationed at Treasure Island, Cali.

Lieut. Jack Brown Busy Officer
Lieut. Jack Brown writes his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Brown at Gallatin that he is a mighty busy officer these days. In addition to his company duties with 220 men, Lieut. Jack is the mail censor, and this work requires a lot of his time. His mother, Mrs. Willis Brown, is recovering satisfactorily from a broken bone, just above the ankle, and is getting along on crutches.

Pvt. Robt. Harlow in North Carolina
Pvt. Robert L. Harlow, formerly of Jameson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Harlow of Altamont, is stationed at Camp Marshall, North Carolina. His address is: Pvt. Robert L. Harlow, 375-21549, Co. E. 193rd Glider Infr., 17 AB Div. APO 452, Camp Mackall, N.C.

Letter from Soldier Reported Missing
Mrs. Earl Shirley of Gilman City has received a letter from her husband, Private Earl C. Shirley, who was reported missing in action in the North African area since March 30, according to a communication Mrs. Shirley received from the Secretary of War. The letter received by Mrs. Shirley on April 26, was written by her husband April 6, and was censored Monday, April 12, several days after he had been reported missing in action. In Monday’s letter, Private Shirley stated his company had been moving about considerably, which might account for the missing in action report. At the time he wrote the letter, Private Shirley was unaware of the fact his wife had received the communication. Private Shirley was inducted into the army July 10, 1942 and had been stationed at camps in Kansas, Texas and Maryland and received his basic training at Camp Robinson, Ark. He is over 38 and would have received his honorable discharge sometime ago, but his papers had not been quite completed when his company was sent to North Africa. — Gilman City Tribune

— from the Gallatin North Missourian, scrapbook clippings provided by Lucille Bruce