Hometown News — May 27, 1943

Flying Team
Dear God — I saw him fly away
On silvered wings into the day
He led the planes that flew so true
The course he set to follow through.
I watched him till he disappeared,
Into the clouds he firmly steered,
On wings of faith—a prayer, to you,
Dear God, I sent to guide him through.
His courage, faith and cherished dreams
Will keep him flying on the beams.
A sound like his will rise again
To seek fulfillment—far from pain.
When I hear wings up in the sky—
I know my Pilot’s riding high
To find the beam, that follows through
And leads dear God, to you.
To my Pilot Son, by Mignon E. Worley.

This poem, written by Mrs. Gilbert L. Worley sr., 4938 Wyandotte st., K.C., was read at memorial service May 18, for her son, Lieut. Gilbert Worley, jr., 23 years old, who died May 16, following a plane crash May 12 near Indianapolis. Lieutenant Worley, a graduate of the University of Kansas in 1941, had been in the army air corps one year. He was an instructor at the army air base at Garden City, Kan., and was returning from a flight to the East when the crash occurred. Mr. and Mrs. Worley were former Winston residents and the son, Lieut. Worley was born there.

Navy Petty Officer Rating
Robert L. Roberts, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Roberts, Gallatin, was awarded a petty officer rating as signalman, third class, upon completing 16 weeks of training at the Navy’s school for signalmen on the campus of the University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill., Monday. Included in a class of 158 Bluejackets, 96 of whom were given ratings, he awaits assignment to duty with the fleet or at a shore station.

Lieut. Marion Ward Home
Marion Francis Ward, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vess Ward, north Daviess County, came Monday for a visit with his parents. Marion Francis has finished his training at Fort Sill, Okla., and is now a second lieutenant

U.S. Navy Petty Officer
Fallis Pogue who has been in the United States Navy for more than a year. He enlisted February 16, 1942. He took his "boot" training at the Great Lakes, Ill., Navy station, later attending school at the Navy Pier at Chicago. For several months he has been stationed at Altameda, Cali. He holds the rating of petty officer, 3rd class. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Forest Pogue, northeast of Gallatin. Navy life agrees with Fallis as he has added a good many pounds to his weight and he shows it in his picture, a rather "full moon" face.

Cousins in Engineer’s Corps
Pvt. Lawrence G. Lukehart (picture) and Pvt. Earl D. Woody (picture), cousins, both of Gallatin, are both in the engineer corps of the U. S, Army, and stationed at Camp Swift, Tex. The two boys enlisted at the same time and left the home town together. Private Lawrence (better known to his friends as "Red") Lukehart is a son of Mrs. Lorene Lukehart of Gallatin. His father, Garland Lukehart, was recently returned to this county from overseas, having been wounded in action. Pvt. Earl D. Woody is a son of Lewis and Cuma Woody of Gallatin. Private Lukehart’s address is SN, 37500698-B No. 1, 528th Engr. Co., H.L., Camp Swift, Tex." and Pvt. Earl Woody’s address is "SN, 37500309 – 528th Engr., Co. L, Camp Swift, Tex." Both of the boys say army life is o.k. thus far, and they like the state of Texas as well as the branch of service they have been assigned to.

V.J. Ward Attending School
V.J. Ward, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ward of Lincoln township, who enlisted in the Navy Reserve is now stationed at Michigan. He is attending college. His address is A.S. V.J. Ward, Room 300 Sqdn K, Mason Hall, Army Air Crew Detachment, East Lansing, Michigan.

Made Flying Trip Home
Staff Sgt. Hubert Nevin Smith and Tech. Sgt. Huett, mechanic, of Fort Leonard Wood, visited Staff Sgt. Smith’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Smith, northwest of Jamesport Sunday. They flew here in an airplane and landed in a pasture near the Smith home. It was a surprise for the parents, but it was soon over and Mr. and Mrs. Smith took a ride with their son at the controls.

Cpl. Forrest Brown Home
Cpl. Forest Brown of the Marines at San Diego, Cali., is here on a 15-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brown northwest of Jamesport.

Home on Furlough
Bob Roberts, 3d Class Petty Officer in the Navy Signal Corps, who has been stationed at Great Lakes Naval Training station, is at home on furlough, visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Roberts near Jameson.

Completes "Boot Training"
J.T. Hartpence, who joined the Navy eight weeks ago has completed his "boot training" at Farragut, Idaho, and is at home on furlough, visiting homefolks.

Home for Week End
Cpl. Donald A. Brown of Camp Crowder, Mo., spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hadley Brown of Jameson.

Pvt. Robert Long to Jefferson Barracks
Pvt. Robert Lee Long, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Long, who entered the service about five weeks ago, has been transferred from Fort Leavenworth to Jefferson Barracks, with his address as Pvt. Robert L. Long, 37523446, Sqd. B. 26th Tr. Sp U, S. Army Air Corps, Jefferson Barracks, Mo.

Cpl. Ferris E. Brown Home
Cpl. Ferris E. Brown is home or a 15-day furlough visiting his parents, Mr. and Mr. Walter Brown and other friends and relatives. He is attached to the aviation department in the Marines located at San Diego, Cali. He enlisted in the Marines in August, 1942.

Home on Furlough
Pvt. Howard Adkison of Fort Dix, N.J. spent a 10-day furlough with his wife and parents. He is with motorized unit and making it fine.

Cpl. Leahman Carder Home
Cpl. Leahman Carder enjoyed 7-day furlough at home visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Carder and other relatives. He returned to Pine Camp, New York and was accompanied to Kansas City by Abe Carder, Miss Thelma Carder and Miss Pauline Henderson of Mountain Home, Ark.

Sgt. Eben Smith Here
Sgt. Eben Smith, in the army air corps and stationed at Luke Field, Phoenix, Ariz., is home on a 15 day furlough to visit his parents Mr. and Mrs. Dow Smith.

Two Sons in Service
T.F. Troxel of Gallatin has two sons in the service. One son, Thos. Troxel is an aviation cadet. He has had training at Clearwater, Fla., and Oakland, Calif., and was recently transferred to Kearns, Utah. He expects to take a 5 months college course during his training. Another son, Ralph Troxel in the U.S. Navy. He service planes on an island "somewhere across seas." For a time, both of the boys were stationed in California and during that time were enabled to spend three Sundays together.

Will Take Officer’s Training
Corporal Gilbert Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hadley Brown of Jameson, is at home on a furlough from army duties. Cpl. Brown, enroute to Fort Benning, Georgia to enter officer’s training school. He has been in the army 17 months. Prior to entering the service, he taught in the high school at Forrest City, Mo., and Iowa.

Will Take Officer’s Training
Corporal Gilbert Brown, song of Mr. and Mrs. Hadley Brown of Jameson, is at home on a furlough from army duties. Cpl. Brown is enroute to Fort Benning, Georgia, to enter officer’s training school. He has been in the army 17 months. Prior to entering the service, he taught in the high school at Forrest City, Mo. and in Iowa.

— from the Gallatin North Missourian, scrapbook clippings provided by Lucille Bruce