Hometown News — May 20, 1943

Miss Wanner Joins WAVES
Miss Lorene Wanner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Wanner, Lock Springs, Mo., has become a member of the WAVES and is waiting for her call into service. She took her examinations and oath in St. Louis, Mo., and expects to be sent to Hunters College in New York. Miss Wanner is a graduate of the Lock Springs High school and Maryville State Teachers’ college. For the past two years she has taught music in the high school at Owensville, Mo.

Sgt. Edw. Peniston Transferred
Camp Lejeune, New River. N.C., May 10 — Platoon Sergeant Edwin T. Peniston, Gallatin, Mo., has been transferred from this Marine Base to Philadelphia, Pa., where he has entered First Sergeants School for a six-week course. Successful completion of this training will qualify Sgt. Peniston for advancement. Sgt Peniston is a son of Mr. and Mrs. T.T. Peniston of South of Gallatin.

He Is a Gun Expert
Warrant Officer Elmer E. Franklin, Camp Chaffee, Ark., who has been in the army for 13 years is expert in gun mechanism. Many improvements devised by him on various guns have been accepted by ordnance and he is contributing much to his country as well as achieving a name for himself. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Franklin of Sheridan Township. He has many friends in the county who will be glad to note his success.

Completes Basic at Farragut
Fred Croy, U.S. Navy, recently completed his basic training at Camp Ward, Farragut, Idaho. Out of a class of 155, Fred had second highest grades, being graduated with a grade of 99. He is a son of E. Croy of Gallatin.

Aviation Cadet
AV-C. Nylen W. Edwards son of Postmaster Bertha E. Edwards, Winston, Mo., who has finished his training at Athens, Ga., and has entered a school of navigation at Hollywood, Fla.

Three Neal Brothers in Service
Pfc. Edgar Neal, who is stationed at Fort Sill, Okla., came last Sunday and remained until Wednesday visiting his parents, Mrms. H.A. Neal in Sheridan township. Edgar is driving a truck at Ft. Sill and he has been in army service nine months. Mrs. Neal and Miss Dorothy Moore of Cowgill went to Kansas City with Edgar Wednesday morning and they spent the day with Mrms. Chester Ganser and children. Mrms. Neal have two other sons in service. Fred Neal, the eldest son, was called to service with the Seabees on April 1st and is stationed at Camp Peary, Va. His wife is working at Lake City. Pfc. Bernard Neal entered service February 16th and is attending an engineering school for the air corps at Greely, Colo.— Hamilton Advocate-Hamiltonian.

Dies in Air Crash in Arizona
Wilford D. Booth, 22 years old, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Booth of Cainsville, and all five members of the crew of a navy transport plane, missing since Jan. 21, died in a crash in the mountainous country near Flagstaff, Ariz., it was announced Sunday. Wreckage of the plane was found by a high school hiking club on the 10,000-foot elevation of the San Francisco peaks. Young Booth was a flight mechanic on the transport.

His Daddy in the Service
This is the handsome likeness of Master Kenneth Wayne Long, 7˝ months old, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Long of Gallatin. The father is stationed at Camp Pendleton, Va., and is attached to the 46th Coast artillery. Prior to entry into the service, Feb. 20, last, Hubert was one of the owners of the Gallatin Hardware. Master Kenneth Wayne is a fine looking youngster and will be a worthy addition to future America—they’ll be running the government in a mighty short period after the war. Mrs. Long was the former Marie Stretch.

Quartermaster Lieutenant
Chauncey McCrary, formerly of this county, and more recently of Phoenix, Ariz., entered the armed forces in March as a First Lieutenant. He is in the quartermaster’s corps and at present is stationed in New Jersey, where he is studying canteen work. His wife, the former Miss Frances Musselman, will continue her residence in Phoenix for the present, where his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will McCrary, also former Daviess Countians, reside.

Paul Auienrieth Home
Paul Autenreith of New River, N.C., came during the week end for a visit with his parents Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Autenreith, Breckenridge. Monday he visited with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Farrar, in Chillicothe. Seaman Paul, a boatswain mate, second class, enlisted in the Navy two years ago this month,

Medal for Heroism
Sgt. Howard W. Clark, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.F. Clark, of McFall, Mo., has been awarded the Soldiers’ Medal for heroism in saving the lives of his comrades, according to an Associated Press story from Australia. The award, made by Lieut. Gen. G.C. Kenney, commander of allied forces in the southwest Pacific, was given to Sgt. Clark because he risked his own life by lowering himself beneath the fuselage of a bomber on which he was engineer and succeeded in freeing a locked wheel to enable the bomber to complete a safe landing.— Pattonsburg Call.

Cablegram from Son
Mrs. George White received a cablegram Tuesday from her son, Ray, who is somewhere in Alaska. He sent the cablegram for Mother’s Day, but it was a little delayed in reaching Mrs. White, due to the fact it had to be sent by mail after reaching Bethany.— Gilman City Tribune.

Pfc. Carl Gutshall Transferred
Pfc. Carl Gutshall, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Gutshall, of near Gilman City, has been transferred from Miami, Fla., to Seymour Field, N.C., and says that he finds it rather cool there at night, although it warms up some in the daylight hours. At this new station, Pfc. Gutshall will attend the army air forces technical school, and at its completion, he will become corporal. Seymour Johnson Field is a new field, just being built.

Hot Weather in Texas
Sgt. Fred Irwin, who arrived home today from Fort Sam Houston, Tex., without a coat, needed to find a fire right away. Sgt. Irwin said it was 100 degrees, plenty hot, when he left San Antonio, Tex. He is in the signal corps.

— from the Gallatin North Missourian, scrapbook clippings provided by Lucille Bruce