Hometown News — March, 1943

J.W. Evans in the Navy
Harry (Red) Evans, former mechanic at the Gallatin Motor Co., drops the paper a line to give us information about his son, J.W., now in the service. Harry says: "Noticed in your paper a list of former pupils and teachers of the Gallatin high school, now in the service. My son, J.W. Evans, is in the Navy and stationed at Great Lakes, Ill. where he is a member of the Navy choir. They broadcast each Friday evening over the Blue network, on the "Meet Your Navy" program. His address is J.W. Evans, A.S., Co. 160, USNTS, Great Lakes, Ill. Should any of his acquaintances care to write him, I am sure he will be glad to hear from them. I am still engaged in aircraft work and expect to continue for the duration. This town (Kansas City) is composed mostly of former Daviess Countians, or so it seems, at least. Regards to the paper crew."

Enjoy Home Town Paper Clippings In Egypt
Mrs. Walter Hays received a letter from her nephew, T-Sgt Donald Hiatt, written March 5th. He is in Egypt where there is plenty of fighting. He wrote that Donald Lee Whitt, another Gallatin boy, had visited him and that he was even able to serve refreshments as a couple of boxes had just arrived and had plenty of candy in them. He said Donald Lee had some clippings from the North Missourian which they enjoyed very much.

Elmer Staats On Furlough
Elmer Staats is home on a fifteen day furlough visit to his mother, Mrs. Jno. Marshman at Jameson. Sgt. Elmer is with the ground force of the air corps and stationed at Lubbock, Tex. He was telling us his brother, Bill Marshman had been stationed at Camp Hale, Colo., 300 miles from him. He was moved to Ft. Bliss, Tex. and is still 300 miles from him, although now in the same state. But you must remember, admonished Sgt. Staats, that there is a lot of territory and "space" in the big state of Texas.

Sam Johnson On Maneuvers
Pvt. Sam Johnson changes the address of his paper from Camp Gruber, Okla., to Shreveport, La. He is going on maneuvers in Louisiana. Sam says he has made a private, first class rating and has found the army not so bad so far. His address is Pfc. Sam Johnson, Co. D-48th Engr. Reg., APO 403, Care P.M., Shreveport, La.

— from the Gallatin North Missourian, scrapbook clippings provided by Lucille Bruce