Hometown News — March 18, 1943

Had Quite a Storm
Lieut. F.B. Whitt writes his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Whitt from Camp Blanding, Fla., that they had a pretty severe storm on the Florida coast the other day. Lieut. Whitt is with a field artillery unit. His address is Lieut. Fred B. Whitt, 938 Bn, F.A. Camp Blanding Fla.

Cpl. Fred Irwin Transferred
Cpl. Fred Irwin has been transferred to Fort Sam Houston, Tex., from Camp Barkley, Tex. Cpl. Irwin is attached to a signal corps operation battalion.

Pvt. Forest Lukehart to Denver, Colo.
Pvt. Forest Lukehart has been transferred from St. Petersburg, Fla., to Denver, Colo. Pvt. Forest is attending school in the air corps.

Promoted lo Sergeant
Technician, 4th Grade Benjamin F. Bedford, 24, Gallatin man now serving with Uncle Sam’s forces at Fort Lawton, Washington, has been promoted to Sergeant, according to Col. Harry L. Branson, post commander. Bedford is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bedford, Gallatin, Mo.

Aviator Bartlett Back to Duty
Aviator William Charles (Bill) Bartlett left Thursday for Douglas, Aliz., after a 20-day furlough spent with his parents Mrms. R. E. Bartlett of near Bethany, and with other relatives and friends. Bill expects to be reassigned after his return to Douglas and has been advised the new location will be Ft. Sill, Okla. He has had many experiences since before Pearl Harbor, but is reluctant to talk much about them. He received a four-inch scalp wound at Pearl Harbor and was in a hospital for 10 days, but he says that was merely a scratch compared to many of the others. Last week Bill, accompanied by his parents, spent a day at Gallatin, visiting his grandmother Mrs. Salathiel Carter, who will be remembered as Mrs. William Kidwell when a resident of Harrison county. Grandmother Carter is very proud of her two grandsons, Bill and Ralph E., who are in the service, and both are sons of Mrms. R. E. Bartlett.-— Bethany Times

On Atlantic Duty
Vincent Runnels (picture) who is serving his country in the U. S. Navy and doing duty on a U.S.S. destroyer on the Atlantic. He went into the service June 7, 1942. Obviously he has seen a lot of ocean duty, traveled many a mile and visited a lot of foreign ports. He holds a rating of seaman, 2nd class, and has been recommended for promotion to seaman, first class. Sailor Vincent is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Runnels, of Gallatin and hopes to get a furlough soon and visit home. His father is a veteran of World War I.

Kenneth Terry in Army
Kenneth Neil Terry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Terry, Osborn, Mo., formerly of Gallatin, left Wednesday for Fort Leavenworth to be inducted in the army. Mr. and Mrs. Terry also received word that their son-in-law, Nelson Elder who enlisted in the Marines has arrived at his destination overseas, safely.

Killed In Air Crash
Major Paul Person, widely known Northwest Missouri young man, was killed in a plane crash March 12 at Newport News, Va. Major Person’s home was in Maryville, Mo and his parents and three other brothers are of Maryville. Paul was the youngest son of Dr. and Mrs. R.C. Person, the parents. William, the oldest son, is in charge of the music of the High school at Maryville; Harold, the second son is engaged in religious work and is thought to be in the ranks; the youngest, Paul, who was killed, was only 24 years of age, and had been in the service about five years. Paul was born in Maryville and he and his brothers received their education in the Maryville High school and all attended and were graduated from Northwest Missouri State Teachers’ College at Maryville.

Ensign Hubert Tate to N.Y.
Ensign Hubert L. Tate of the U.S. Navy has been transferred from Panacea, Fla. to New York. He is on a coast boat.

Lieut. Doyle Briner Transferred
2nd. Lieut. Doyle Briner has been transferred from Fort Sill, Okla. to Camp Shelby, Miss. He is attached to the 522nd F.A. Bn. Lieut. Briner is missing out on some Missouri winter weather in the month of March.

— from the Gallatin North Missourian, scrapbook clippings provided by Lucille Bruce