Hometown News — April 29, 1943

Chas. Woody Graduates
Chas. N. Woody, 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Woody, Weatherby, Mo., graduated this week from a course in aircraft engines conducted by the Army Air forces in aircraft engines conducted by the Air Forces Technical Training Command at the Wright Aeronautical Corporation at Patterson, N.J. Woody, who has previously graduated from an airplane mechanics school in the AAF Technical Training Command, has been promoted to corporal in recognition to his aptitude for specialized technical work. Only men who receive grades well above average in general alertness and mechanical aptitude tests are selected for technical training. While at the Wright plant, Woody, received specialized training in the repair and maintenance of Wright airplane engines, of the combat crew of any Army Air Force unit. Woody entered service Oct. 27, 1942.

Promoted to Tech. Sgt.
W.E. (Eddie) Runnels, son of W.C. Runnels, of Gallatin, has been promoted from a staff sergeant to technical sergeant. Sgt. Eddie Runnels, a Gallatin boy, has made a fine record in the army. He has been in the army 21 years and at present is an instructor and commandant at the Jefferson Davis high school, Houston, Tex.

Army Cook
Pfc. Floyd D. Gwinn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gwinn of Coffey, Mo. Pfc. Gwinn is a cook on maneuvers in Tennessee. He has two other brothers in the army, Pfc. Delbert Gwinn in California and Pvt. Walter Gwinn in Kentucky. Pfc. Gwinn writes he is getting along o.k. in the army and that it requires a lot of food to feed hungry soldiers.

To Washington, D.C.
Wilbur Salmon, petty officer, U.S. Navy, has been sent from Bremerton, Wash., to Washington, D.C., for the three weeks special training in advanced gunners mate school. He is the son of Mrs. Jack Davisson of Coffey. —Pattonsburg Call.

Three-Month X-Ray Course
Pfc. Joseph Franklin Jeff Curtis, who is now stationed at Robins field, Warner Robins, Ga., has finished an eight week’s training at Fort Ben Harrison, Ind., hospital and is now taking a three-month course in X-Ray at Warner Robins hospital. Joseph Franklin Jeff Curtis is a son of Mr. and Mrs. O.P. Curtis of 518 N. 20th 5t, St. Joseph, Mo., who formerly lived at Altamont, Mo.

Army Truck Driver
(Picture) Pvt. James D. Teel (J.D.), son of Mr. and Mrs. James Teel of Gallatin, is stationed at Camp Chaffee, Ark. He writes home that he is a truck driver and likes it fine. He enjoys all the letters he receives from his friends. J.D. was inducted into the army in December. A second son, Wayne, was inducted into the armed forces March 5, is stationed at Fort Benning, Ga. His address is Pvt. Rex W. Teel (37510944), Co. B, 738 T.K.B.N. (M.) Harmony church area, Fort Benning, Ga.

Promoted To Sergeant
Cpl. Fred Irwin, with a signal corps battalion, and stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Tex., has been promoted to the rank of sergeant.

John D. Trotter in Marines
John D. Trotter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. R. Trotter, of Kansas City, formerly of Gallatin, is now in the United States Marines. He went into the service April 2nd. His address is "Pvt. John D. Trotter, Pit. 303, R.D.M.C.B., San Diego Cali."

Mrs. Glenn Walker to Seattle
Mrs. Glenn Walker of Cameron has gone to Seattle, Wash, for an indefinite visit with her husband, who is a mechanic in the air corps and expects to be sent soon to foreign duty. Mrs. Walker will also be a guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. McCary. Mr. McCary is a brother of Mrs. J.O. Walker, the mother of Glenn.— Hamilton Advocate Hamiltonian

Two Grandsons in Service
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Morris of Gallatin will shortly have two grandsons in the service. J.C. Morris, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Morris, of Kansas City, is in the air corps, and stationed at Salt Lake City, Utah. Robert Morris Lindsay, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lindsay of Independence, Mo., goes into the service shortly. At present he is a member of the R.O.T.C. Mrs. Lindsay is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris.

Freddie Albrecht in England
Mr. and Mrs. John Albrecht received a letter Tuesday from their son, Freddie Albrecht from England. Freddie is in the air Corps and was only recently sent across. He says the English treat them fine, the weather is good, and everything is green over there.

— from the Gallatin North Missourian, scrapbook clippings provided by Lucille Bruce