MFA Exchange was an important business for ag producers in Daviess County, MO, and surrounding area.

Prior to 1966 Gallatin MFA Cooperative operated from this brick building at the southwest corner of the business square at Market and West Grand Streets. An elevator enabled the upstairs to be used for storage; weigh scales for trucks fronted the business on Market Street although not in use and covered by street asphalt at the time of this photo.

Farmers Grain and Fertilizer was the business as MFA Exchange grain elevators offered storage and harvest prices to area farmers. This scene shows activites at the railroad east of Gallatin, MO, just east of the Grand River along MO-6 and MO-13 highways. (date unknown)

MFA Exchange at Gallatin, MO, once operated these grain storage facilities along the Wabash Railroad just east of Gallatin off the east side of the Grand River. (circa 1965)

MFA Exchange once operated from these facilities at the Wabash Railroad crossing of the Grand River east of Gallatin, MO. Signs asking “Are you a member?” were meant to encourage farm producers to join the cooperative business venture. (date unknown)

MFA Hamilton Rail Facility opened for business in 2017 east of Hamilton in Caldwell County, MO. Under construction for the past year, the rail facility is MFA’s largest single investment in real dollars in any geographic region. It is a joint venture between MFA Incorporated, a grain marketing and farm supply cooperative, and MFA Oil Company, a farmer-owned energy supply cooperative.