The trial of the Rev. O.H. Campbell of the Blake community in Daviess County, MO, who was charged with assault with intent to kill Powell New, attracted a huge crowd to the courthouse in Gallatin, MO, in 1914. Evidence and testimony assigned the circumstances to an uncontrolled temper.

Powell New and Byron Maharg, and others, were working the roads in the Blake area. While passing the home of the Rev. Campbell, some joking remarks were made. The Rev. Campbell was in his study at the time and when told of the remarks, left the house and went out on the road to ascertain who the parties were. During the few words that followed, the preacher drew a knife and cut New. The blade of the knife went through the collar of a duck coat that New was wearing.

The preacher apologized afterwards, and the young man was not inclined to carry the matter further. But his father, Thomas P. New, filed the charge and had the case brought to court. Judge Arch Davis, after hearing evidence, fixed his punishment at a fine of $75 and costs.

— taken from the Gallatin North Missourian, Dec. 17, 1914