During the Civil War about 150 Daviess County men were in the Confederate service. Of those at least 90 were in the Missouri Brigade CSA. Most of these Daviess County men responded to the call of Governor Jackson in June 1861 and became part of the Missouri State Guard (MOSG).

They reported to J.H. Winston of Platte County and were placed under Col. Elijah E. Gates (1827-1915) who was from Easton, Buchanan County. Lt. Col. Richard Chiles of Gates staff formed a company of Pattonsburg men with a few from other towns in Daviess County.

The Chiles Battalion served about 4? months with battles at Blue Mills and Lexington. The first Daviess County man killed is believed to have been David Enyart, captain of Company G, MOSG, 1st Calvary, 4th Division. He was killed in action on Aug. 10, 1861, at the battle of Wilson’s Creek, Mo.

Lt. Col. Chiles from Pattonsburg was married to Permilia G. Enyart, daughter of H.W. and Mary Ann Enyart. Permilia’s brother, Logan Enyart, Captain CSA, commanded Company B, Extra Cavalry Battalion (ECB), 4th Division of the MOSG and commanded Co.G of the 1st Mo. Calvary after it was organized in December 1861 at Springfield.
After the battle of Pea Ridge March 7, 1862, the 1st Missouri Cavalry and the 3rd Missouri Infantry were ordered to move east of the Mississippi. The Cavalry left their horses at Des Arc, Ark. on April 6 and crossed at Memphis.

The 1st and 3rd formed part of the Missouri Brigade and battled together as infantry for the rest of the war. Captain Enyart commanded Company B of that regiment until he was captured at Franklin, Tenn.

The Missouri Brigade was in many battles including Pea Ridge, Corinth, Vicksburg, Kennesaw Mt., Atlanta and in defense of Mobile, Ala., where the Brigade was captured at Blakeley April 9, 1865, along with the commander, Col. Gates.

Lt. Col. Chiles reports that he resigned June 15, 1862, from the Brigade and returned to Missouri to fight with Quantrill. Chiles was shot in the breast Oct. 6, 1864, and died of that injury six years later.

Capt. Enyart survived the war but suffered a wound in his left arm and left eye. He was captured twice.

After the war, Daviess County CSA vets formed the Cravens Camp #912 at Gallatin (1881-1906) of the United Confederate Veterans (UCV) and some of its members of that unit came to Daviess County after the war.

The above information was taken from the Confederate Roll of Missouri by Leslie Anders, Civil War on the Border 1861-62 by Britton, the First Mo. Cavalry Reg. CSA by James Farley and records of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and other records at the Gallatin library.

— written, researched, and presented by David Stark, Gallatin, MO

Here’s a list of 148 Daviess Countians confirmed to have served the Confederacy during the Civil War. The following 94 were in the Missouri Brigade.

22 3rd Mo Inf
56 1st Mo Cav
16 MOSB Price
MOSG – Missouri State Guard (Organized at Springfield Dec. 31, 1862)
MOSB Missouri State Brigade
ECB Extra Cavalry Battalion
UCV United Confederate Veterans
Cravens’ Camp of UCV Gallatin Camp #912 (1881-1906)

Allen, Dr. J.T. MSG Cav/Rives Camp #912 UCV
Arnold, William 2Lt. MSG D-ECB-4D MOSB-Price
Baker, N.A. 22nd VA Inf/K Camp #912 UCV
Ball, A.C. Pvt. Austin’s Indep. Co. Camp #912 UCV also 10th Mo Cav/K
Beard, W.S. 1st Ark Inf/K Camp #912 UCV
Berry, James H. 25th Va Inf/G
Best, Silas Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G(B)
Bond, Hiram Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G
Boston, B.F. CSA/2 Tx Pension #176
Bowen, James A. Stanwerty Staff Camp #912 UCV
Bray, William MOSG Cav Pension #372
Broughton, N. Pvt. 10th Mo Cav/K Camp #912 UCV
Brown, John M. 1st/3rd MOSG
Buchanan, Enoch 2Lt. MOSG/C-ECB-4D MOSB-Price
Blizzard, J.W.C. Sgt 3rd MoInf/E 5/15/63 KIA Baker’s Creek
Chiles, Richard B. Lt. Col. Gates Staff MOSG Resigned 6/15/62
Claudas, Pitt Pvt. 6th Mo Inf/K Camp #912 UCV
Coulson, William H. Sgt. 3rd Mo Inf/F 12/1/62 Died of wound, Corinth, Miss.
Cox, Larkan J. Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/A 11/1/62 KIA Hatchie Brg.
Cravens, John M.D. Slack Staff/Others Conf. Surgeon
Crusen, N.G., Sr. (Nat) Pvt. 9th Mo Inf/E (G) Camp #912 UCV
Davis, Edward Lt 3rd Mo Inf/F 11/30/64 KIA Franklin, Tenn.
Davis, Josiah R. Pvt. 3rd Mo Inf/F 6/1/63 Died of wound Baker’s Creek, Miss.
Dearing, James R. Cpl. 1st Mo Cav/G Cap. Blakeley, Ala.
Dehring, James R. Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Camp #912 UCV
Doty, Charles B. Pvt. 3rd Mo Inf/E 6/9/64 KIA Kennesaw Mt., Ga.
Duren, James T. 2nd /1st Brg/D
Ellis, L.A. (Lewis) Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Camp #912 UCV
Enyard(t), David Capt. MOSG/G-1C-4D 8/10/61 KIA Wilson’s Creek, MO.
Enyart(d), Logan Capt. MOSG/B-ECB-4D Camp #912 UCV
Ervin, Levi M. Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G 5/16/63 KIA Baker’s Creek, Miss.
Estes, J.W. Pvt. 54th Ky Cav Camp #912 UCV
Ewing, George D. Pvt. 4th Ky Cav/A Camp #912 UCV
Fannin, W.L. 3Cpl. Williams Cav Captured 1865 LA.
Faulkner, Daniel Pvt. 3rd Mo Inf/E 11/24/62 Died Oxford, Miss.
Faulkner, K.H. (King) Lt. 3rd Mo Inf/C (E) Captured
Foley, E.M. 1Lt. MOSG/G-1C-4D MOSB-Price
Ford, T.R. Pvt. 12th Tn Cav/I Camp #912 UCV
Fugate, James St. Louis Batry
Gee, Lewis Pvt. 1Lt. 1st Mo Cav/G Captured 1/2/65
Gee, Thompson 1Lt. 1st Mo Cav/G Cap. Franklin, Tenn.
Gilkey, Richard Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G 6/15/63 KIA Vicksburg, Miss.
Gillian, J.D. 1st Mo Cav
Gillian, William M. Pvt. 3rd Mo Inf/E 6/27/64 KIA Kennesaw Mt., Ga.
Githens, J.D. 1st Mo Cav/G Captured Big Black, Miss.
Githens, Pascal W. Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Detached Des Arc, Ark.
Githens, Presley Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Detached Des Arc, Ark.
Green, J.T. Pvt. MOSG Cav/Rives Camp #912 UCV
Haines, J.W. Elliot’s Cav/C
Hamilton, Jackson 3Lt. MOSG/A-ECB-4D MOSB-Price
Hays, Shadrick L.(K.) Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Captured Edward’s Depot
Herald, George W. 1stSgt. 1st Mo Cav/G Deserted Dec. 62
Henderson, J.W. Capt MOSG/D-ECB-4D MOSB-Price
Henderson, Robert A. 4Sgt. 1st Mo Cav/G 10/15/62 KIA Lauerdale, Miss.
Hillman, John 3rd Mo Inf.
Hoffman, H. 1Lt. MOSG/C-ECB-4D MOSB-Price
Hogan, C.C. Capt. MOSG/G-1C-4D MOSB-Price
Hopkins, George Pvt. 3rd/5th Mo Inf/D Camp #912 UCV
Hornsby, Samuel M. Pvt. 1st Mo Cav Discharged 2/6/64
Houghton, J. Pvt. 6th Va Cav/B Camp #912 UCV
Hunter, James N. Pvt. Wither’s Arty. Camp #912 UCV
Jackson, T.B. Capt. MOSG Camp #912 UCV
Johnson, Lucian P. Capt. 1st Mo Cav/C 10/3/62 KIA Cornith, Miss.
Jones, A.W. Pvt. Williams Cav. Captured 1865 La.
Justice, Harry Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Detached Des Arc, Ark.
Kivett, H.N. 6th Mo Inf/C
Knight, J.F. Pvt. William’s Cav. Captured 1865 La.
Langford, Loy 3Lt MOSG/G-1C-4D MOSB-Price
Langford, James W. Pvt. 3rd Mo Inf/F 9/5/64 KIA Lovejoy, Ga.
Latham, Daniel Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Discharged 11/12/62
Lawson, Oscar D. Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/C Discharged Franklin, Tenn
Ledgerwood, Jacob Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Wounded Jonesburo 9/6/64
Ledgerwood, John Sgt. 1st Mo Cav/G 7/15/62 Died of Disease L.R., Ark.
Ledgerwood, William 2Lt. 1st Mo Cav/G Captured Big Black, Miss.
Linville, B.F. 1Lt. MOSG/B-ECB-4D MOSB-Price
Lockwood, Henry Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G 3/7/62 KIA Pea Ridge, Ark.
Lynn, Gustaves Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Camp #912 UCV
Macrawder, J.A. 5th VA Cav/D Camp #912 UCV
Maloney, M.T. Pvt. 13th VA Battery Inf/E Camp #912 UCV
Mann, Jacob Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Captured Big Black, Miss.
Manon, I. Pvt. Hooper’s Cav. Captured 1865 La.
Mattox, Thomas 1Lt. MOSG/D-ECB-4D MOSB-Price
May, Gabriel Pvt. 4th Ky Cav/E Camp #912 UCV
McCabe, John Pvt. 3rd Mo Inf/E died 4/5/62 L.R., Ark.
McCartney, George S. Camp #912 UCV
McCartney, William Camp #912 UCV
McClung, W.H. 14th VA Cav County Cir. Clerk 1886-94
McClung, Jeremiah Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Captured Jonesburo
McCroskey, Samuel Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Detached Des Arc, Ark.
McCue, George Pvt. Elliot’s Cav/B Camp #912 UCV
McCue, James Lt Elliot’s Cav/B Camp #912 UCV
McCue, Matthew Civilian POW
McCue, R.M. Pvt. Elliot’s Cav/B Camp #912 UCV
McDaniel, Archie Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Captured Big Black, Miss.
McDow, H.H. Pvt. 3rd Mo Inf/F 5/22/63 KIA Vicksburg, Miss.
McLaughlin, John Civilian POW
McMiller, James Sgt. 1st Mo Cav/G Camp #912 UCV
McMillion, James Sgt. 1st Mo Cav/G Captured Blakeley, Ala.
McNeal, W.S. MOSG Cav/Rives
Mead, William 1st Mo Cav/G Captured Blakeley, Ala.
Morgan, James M. Cpl. 1st Mo Cav/G
Murry, Timothy Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Captured Springfield, Mo.
Neal, J.W. Pvt. 4th VA Inf/F Camp #912 UCV
Nehterton, Benjamin F. Pvt 1st Mo Cav/G 1/15/62 Died of Disease in Springfield
Netherton, Charles Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Captured Big Black, Miss.
Netherton, Daniel 4th Sgt. 1st Mo Cav/G Captured Blakeley, Ala.
Netherton, William H. 2Lt. 1st Mo Cav/G Captured Franklin, Tenn.
O’Farrall, G.L. Lt. Shelby’s Cav Camp #912 UCV
Patton, William C. Capt. MOSG/D-ECB-4D MOSB-Price
Peery, John H. 3rd Mo Inf
Perry, Thomas E 2Lt. 1st Mo Cav/G Resigned 62
Pilcher, H.A. 6th Mo Cav
Powell, Addison Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Discharged Big Black, Miss
Powell, Luther Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Died of Disease 1/15/62 Springfield
Pryor, John W. Pvt. 3rd Mo Inf/E
Rhoades, Joseph R. Pvt 3rd Mo Inf/E Died Union Town, Ala., Oct. 64
Rowhough, Leonard Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Died of Disease 1/1/62 Springfield, Mo.
Sheeler, John C. Sgt 1st Mo Cav/G Detached Des Arc, Ark.
Shultz, George Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Captured Jonesburo 9/4/64
Shultz, George E. 1Sgt. 1st Mo Cav/G Captured Blakeley, Ala.
Shultz, Sidney A. Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Died of Disease 2/16/65 Nashville, Tenn.
Shultz, William H. Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Transferred West of Mississippi
Smith, Emanuel 3Lt. MOSG/C-ECB-4D MOSB-Price
Smith, George H. 3rd Mo Inf
Smith, Stephen H. Civilian POW #912 UCV
Smith, William A. Sgt. 3rd Mo Inf/E 3/8/62 KIA Pea Ridge, Ark.
Speery, Samuel F. Civ POW
Sperry, John H. Cpl. 1st Mo Cav/G Wounded Pine Mt. Med. Ret.
Starks, John T. Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Died of Disease L.R. Ark. 5/10/62
Sutliff, Richard 1Sgt. 1st Mo Cav/G Died of Disease Alton, Ill. 6/2/62
Taylor, Obadiah 3rd Mo Inf. Camp #912 UCV
Thomas, A.W. (M) Dr. 49th TN Inf. Camp #912 UCV
Tinder, W.M. 4th Va Inf Pension #644
Tomlinson, John E. Pvt. William’s Cav. Camp #912 UCV
Vallandingham, Geo. Pvt. 3rd Mo Inf/F Died of Disease Granada, Miss. 1/6/63
Vallandingham, Richard L. Pvt. 11th Mo Inf/H Camp #912 UCV
Waldon, Joseph J. Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/B Died of Disease Rock Island, Ill. 2/15/65
Watson, David Pvt. 1st Mo Cav/G Discharge 11/12/62
Weldon, H.R. Pvt. MOSG/G-1C-4D MOSB-Price
West, Jacob Pvt. 4th Mo Cav/B
Williams, George Pvt. MOSG Cav/Rives Camp #912 UCV
Williams, Rodgers Pvt. MOSG Cav/Rives Camp #912 UCV
Wilson, Samuel Pvt. 2nd Tx Battery Camp #912 UCV
Winburn, Jason Pvt. 2nd Ky. Cav Camp #912 UCV
Woods, James E. Pvt. 3rd Mo Inf/B 10/5/63 KIA Corinth, Miss.
Woods, John H. Capt. 16th VA Cav/I Camp #912 UCV
Worrell, Asa Bolt’s Brg/K Camp #912 UCV
Wortman, N.H. 4Cpl. 1st Mo. Cav/G Died 5/18/63 Vicksburg, Miss.

— researched, written and presented by David Stark, Gallatin, MO