The Christian Church of Gallatin was organized in June, 1843, with 41 charter members. Services were held in the courthouse until the Civil War when the courthouse was taken over by the militia. The congregation then met in the Methodist and Cumberland Presbyterian Churches. Attendance dropped and meetings were discontinued during the war, but the church later reorganized in 1865 with 23 members.

Christian Church in Gallatin, MO

The original construction of Gallatin Christian Church at 113 East Grand Street featured an impressive steeple housing the church bell. In later years, the steeple was removed due to maintenance expense.

In 1866 a large frame church building was erected for $4,000. Then in 1898 a brick church building was erected nearby. A commodious basement was added in 1921 and an educational building in 1963. John Kirkendoll was the builder of the latter.

In 1921 the total membership of the church was 512 with a Bible school enrollment of 450. The young married class met in the theater for Sunday School because of large attendance and inadequate space in the church building.

The Christian Church Bazaar and the church’s chicken dinners have always been big days. Ladies raised their own chickens and usually prepared two with trimmings to donate for the dinners, along with potatoes and a pie. Much of the food was raised and canned by those participating in the event — pumpkin for the pies, cream and butter, canned green beans, corn and other vegetables.

The lowest price remembered for a meal was 30 cents. This later increased to 50 cents. Women would cream leftover chicken, make biscuits and then serve for supper for 35 cents per plate. Often the work continued until 11 p.m. or later until the kitchen was finally clean. There was quite a discussion on whether to raise the meal price to 75 cents and may thought the price of the meal went too high when the price was eventually raised to $1.

The church family of Gallatin Christian Church poses at the church located on East Grand Street.

A brick education building expanded church facilities for Gallatin Christian Church. A hallway attached the 2-story addition to the main church building located at 113 East Grand Street.

This photo of members of the Gallatin Christian Church is when the congregation met at the church building on East Grand Street for its 150th anniversary celebration.

In 2011 buyers were attracted to items for sale as the Gallatin Christian Church moved from its building east of the town square into new facilities constructed in south Gallatin fronting Highway 13.

New facilities were opened for members of Gallatin Christian Church in 2011. In 2021 worship services were held Sunday mornings at the First Christian Church in Gallatin. The church is located at 1501 South Main Street. (2018 photo)